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How to ensure you have no money worries in retirement

Preparing for your retirement can be daunting, but taking the time to get it right is vital. Here are some tips for preparing for what could be the best years of your life.

You + Cash Buyer = Less Hassle

You probably haven’t considered selling you house for cash before, but it’s a very real option that is quickly and easier than selling through an alternative method.

The difference between Open Property Group, an Estate Agent and an Auction

Estate agent, auction or cash buyer…each have their pros and cons, but it’s vital you find the right option for your circumstances.

Sitting Tenants stopping you from selling your house?

As a landlord you may think that you’re having to delay a sale until your tenants leave, but that’s not the case. Open Property Group can buy your rented property and continue the contract, freeing you to move on.

How to sell ground rent

Selling ground rent can be a time consuming, stressful and confusing process. Open Property Group are cash buyers who simplify the process for a quick and effective sale. Find out more about the process of selling it on.

Open Property Group don’t just buy houses!

Open Property Group will buy all kinds of property. Whether you have a house or flat, a commercial property, or even a plot of land you are guaranteed a cash offer.

How to sell homes or houses to cash buyers only

Are you having trouble selling your home? Or are you reluctant to spend the time and money involved in using estate agents? If so, you should know there are many benefits of selling your home for cash.

Cash buyer of house! What’s the catch?

Having a cash buyer gives you the freedom to sell your home or property without a chain and quickly. It’s often seen as the ideal scenario and you can get a guaranteed cash offer.

Leasehold properties: getting out before the price declines

If you possess a leasehold property its ownership will revert to the freehold owner (landlord) when the lease expires. While leases are often renewed, this is not guaranteed.

Selling your house for cash means one less link in the chain

Ever had a property sale fall through? 1/3 of sales do, so there’s a good chance you have. A cash buyer like Open Property group can be a godsend because they reduce the chain.