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Cash offer

How to be a cash house buyer in 2020

Coming to the property table as a cash buyer has huge advantages, and Open Property can help you achieve that status in less than a week.

Buyer reduced their offer for a 2020 property purchase? Here’s what to do next

When it comes to selling your home, very little is guaranteed until you have exchanged contracts. In fact, a buyer is entitled to change their offer, without warning, right up until the point of exchange. This practice, known as gazundering, is not illegal but it is unethical – and avoidable.

Which Places in the UK Have the Best 2020 Property Price Increases, so You Can Sell?

If you’re a UK homeowner with selling on your mind, you probably want to know what position you’re in terms of landing a deal that works to your advantage. In other words, you’re wondering if your property is among those real estate gems that will sell quickly and favourably.

House Price Affordability Index 2019/20

Open Property Group found that 2020 UK property prices need to fall by an average of 37%, to make owning a home affordable, for a single person earning an average wage.

How to downsize to release equity in 2020

The subject of house prices is one of the nation’s favourite talking points, with an immense sense of pride in knowing how much wealth is held in bricks and mortar.

What fees should I expect when buying and selling a property in 2020?

Working out how much it will cost to buy and sell property is best calculated at the very beginning to prevent unplanned financial surprises

How to Sell Your House Faster This Summer In 2020

Summer is approaching … fast. If you dream of closing a sale agreement on your house before summer is over you will have to act fast, starting with these tips.

How to Sell Your House Faster This Spring

Spring is an open season for property sales. If you’d like to speed up the process of selling your house this spring, here are some ideas that will help.

What is the Best Season to Sell My Home?

Can you ignore timing when it comes to selling your house? Are all seasons equal when it comes to UK property sales? If a quick and advantageous sale is your goal, sometimes season does play a part. But it’s not the be all and end all.

2020 House prices: What to Expect

Brexit, which is scheduled to come to full fruition by the end of 2020, is inevitably predicted to have an impact on the UK property market. If you are planning to buy or sell a house this year you too must be wondering what to expect in terms of house prices this year. Here are some predictions for house prices in 2020.