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How we work at Open Property Group

We focus on providing a first class service with advice and assistance along the way for all our customers. Our cash offer allows you to sell your property with no hassle, stress and there are no estate agent’s or legal fees.

Our customers know that selling properties to Open Property Group is straightforward and efficient. Once you have agreed to our cash offer, you can relax knowing that the rest will be taken care of in a timeframe that best suits you.

About Us

Key features when you sell your house to Open Property Group:

  • Cash paid fast
  • You choose the timetable
  • We believe that we are the fastest and most reliable house buyer in our sector
  • No chains and absolutely no agent’s fees
  • We pay your legal costs and for an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
  • We can buy your property as seen - regardless of damages and repairs needed
  • We can assist with clearing the house and arranging removals
  • Completely confidential - no ‘For Sale’ or ‘Sold’ boards and sitting tenants will not be disturbed

How We Work

1. Enquiry

Tell us about the house that you want to sell. Requesting an offer takes just a few minutes, is completely free and with no obligation.

2. Receive an instant cash offer for your property

We base our offer on comparable market analysis and the details of your property. We study the local market and consult with our nationwide network of property surveyors.

Open Property Group uses the latest database technology along with local market knowledge to establish the market value of your property. Any drive by external valuations that need to take place will be completely confidential. If you are a landlord and wish to sell with tenants in occupation, they will not be disturbed or contacted under any circumstances without your permission.

3. Schedule a quick property visit, if possible.

If possible, we’ll do a free, quick home inspection to confirm your home’s condition. If you have tenants and want the sale to remain confidential, then please let us know beforehand and we will carry out a drive by visit in the first instance.

4. Choose your move-out date

We can work to the timescale that best suits you. So you select the date you want the house sale to complete, from 3 days to 6 months from exchange.

5. We take care of the rest

Sit back and watch the progress of your sale while we take care of all of the details, including home removals and a house clearance if required.

6. Completion

On completion, the cash funds are sent to your solicitor and you can enjoy the money as you wish. You will receive the proceeds from your home’s sale on your chosen moving date. There are no deductions whatsoever and you receive 100% of the sale price.

Whether it be days, weeks or months, Open Property Group will work to the speed you wish to sell. Once our solicitors are satisfied with the legal dates, we will set dates for exchange and completion. The completion date is the day your solicitor will receive the cash which in turn will be paid into your chosen bank account.

Our stress free house buying process

You are guaranteed a quick sale as we buy the property directly from you. Our stress-fee, simple process ensures that

No agents or third party investors

We cut out the middleman and always invest in our own capital. Open Property Group refuse to use any agents or third party investors to keep things fast and reliable for you.

Legal advice from the offset

Once you have accepted our offer, we aim to keep you in the loop and instruct our solicitors to write to your solicitor to confirm what has been agreed. Open Property Group believe that communication is key to how we work to achieve a quick house sale for you.


Your time is precious. We set the dates of completion at the offset once you have chosen a timetable that best fits your schedule. We thrive on transparency and work to ensure you sell your property as quickly as you desire.


Need a few months to stay in your property after we have exchanged contracts? Open Property Group can arrange this.


Open Property Group will offer you up to 85% of the market value of your property. This is dependent on factors such as location, property type, tenancy type (if let) and any problems associated such as a defect with the property where applicable.

We turn can turn quick home sales into valuable cash amounts as quickly as you want. With our thorough processes to determine our final figure, we offer a fast and effective service to turn can turn quick home sales into valuable cash amounts as quickly as you want.

Sell your property to Open Property Group. Contact us today and get a cash offer within 48 hours of our initial conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to sell my house with Open Property Group?

It doesn’t cost you anything - there are no fees, legal costs or hidden costs of any kind. You will get every penny of Open Property Group’s cash offer if you decide to accept.

Our cash offers are open for 7 days and you are under no obligation to accept.

How long will it take to sell my house?

That’s completely up to you. Whether it be days, months or weeks - we work around the timetable that you decide is best for your schedule.

Open Property Group can sell your property much faster than putting it on the market in conventional ways as we do not have to arrange viewings or have chains to consider that will hold up the process.

How can I sell my house as quickly as possible?

Be completely honest in your description of your property and let us know how quickly you want to sell it. We will work to your timings and give you an immediate cash offer within 48 hours. If you decide to accept within 14 days, we can get the ball rolling straight away.

Some areas of my house need repairing but I need to sell the property ASAP. Can you still help?

Of course. Open Property Group will buy your house in any condition. Not only do we have a dedicated team of property professionals who manage our projects, but we are always looking to purchase property in need of renovation or redevelopment.

As long as you are honest and transparent about any defects and areas in need of TLC in your property, we can offer you a quick and hassle free sale within 48 hours.

I don’t want anyone to know that I am selling this property, how confidential are you?

Very. We offer a discreet service perfect for landlords and those who want to keep selling their property a secret. We will only discuss the sale of your property with yourself and those you approve.

If we need to perform an external valuation, we will do this via a drive by and not disturb or notify any current tenants without your permission.

How long does the sales process take?

Our standard timetable for the sales process is 28 days. However, we can work to sell your property in less than 14 days if need be.

We work around timings that work best for you. Call us on 0800 990 3939 or use our contact form to start the process now.

Do you have any more questions? Click here for more of our FAQs.

Plan ahead with certainty and Open Property Group by your side. Contact us today for an instant cash offer.

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