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Sell my property Portfolio [Updated for 2024]

How fast can I sell a property portfolio?

If you own numerous buy-to-let properties and would like to dispose of your entire portfolio, selling direct to a professional cash buyer provides a simple and speedy solution.

Open Property Group specialise in direct, fast-track purchases – with completion in as little as seven working days if you’re in a hurry to sell. Plus, instead of selling each property individually, we’ll buy your entire portfolio as a single lot, with one completion date at the end.

Our service is totally flexible, allowing landlords to set a completion timetable to suit their own circumstances. Flexibility, however, is not the only advantage to using Open Property Group:

  • Enjoy a hassle-free cash sale, with money transferred direct to your bank account
  • Sell to us and we become your buyer, with no need for an estate agent
  • No estate agent fees, legal fees or EPC fees to pay
  • No waiting for offers on multiple properties via the open market
  • No viewings or ‘for sale’ signs needed
  • No transaction chains to be worried about
  • Sell unmodernised properties and flats with short leases

What happens with sitting tenants when I sell my portfolio?

Landlords who have sitting tenants or are in the midst of existing AST agreements are free to sell to Open Property Group. We purchase occupied buy-to-lets, so there is no need to start or conclude an eviction process. We have a dedicated property management division within our business structure, so we’ll take over all the tenancy agreements in your portfolio for minimum disturbance to the occupants. In fact, you don’t even need to notify your tenants of a property’s sale.

How does selling your property portfolio work?

You’ll find selling your portfolio to us far less stressful than dealing with one - or even multiple - estate agents. Here’s how it works:-

  • Contact us so we can learn more about your buy-to-let portfolio
  • Alternatively, enter multiple property details here for a free cash offer
  • Sell ‘as is’ – no need to decorate, repair or modernise your property to sell your house fast
  • Accept our offer and start discussing a completion date
  • We’ll look after the entire transaction on your behalf
  • You’ll receive cash in the bank as soon as we complete your portfolio purchase

Selling A Property Portfolio Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to properties I can sell within my portfolio?

Open Property Group is a professional business, therefore we have no limit on the number and type of properties we buy. You can sell a collection of buy-to-lets in the same block, dispose of a range of investments held in multiple UK locations or sell a few properties from your portfolio if you need to balance your books.

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Will you buy any type of property in my portfolio?

We buy, redevelop, manage and sell all types of properties and have been operating long enough to say ‘we’ve seen it all before’. Even if your portfolio contains ‘problem properties’, flats with short leases or sitting tenants, we’d love to start a conversation with you.

Click here to sell your property portfolio.

What's the benefit for landlords wanting to sell a property portfolio to Open Property Group?

Speed and simplicity are the two main benefits of selling your portfolio to Open Property Group. You’ll have one completion date for all your buy-to-lets and you can set your own timetable, with completion possible in seven days (we buy using cash so you’re not hanging about for us to get finance). Don’t forget, we cut out the need to sell via an estate agent too, so there are no agency fees to pay, plus we’ll cover your legal bill and any EPC costs.

Click here to sell your property portfolio.

I’d like to plan my exit strategy, can you help?

If you own a property portfolio and are weighing up your options, Open Property Group would be more than happy to share what has been successful for other portfolio owners. A cash offer for your entire portfolio may help in your decision making process.

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Do I have to sell my entire portfolio?

No! You can choose to sell just the poorly performing properties if you like, keeping the ones that give you the best returns. If you need any help with working out the yields, ask our team for assistance.

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Does my portfolio have to comprise vacant properties?

If you’re selling your property portfolio on the open market, it is advantageous to sell each with vacant possession. Don’t worry if you do have tenants, however. Open Property Group will buy an entire property portfolio, or portion of, even if there are tenants in place.

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