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What to do if a property chain collapses

Estate agents are reporting that the fragility of property chains is one of the chief reasons that homes are taking longer to sell as many on the property ladder are unable to free up equity to make their next purchase.

Selling a property at auction

Many people looking for a quick sale of a property consider the “sale by auction” route. This can be an attractive option, but there are a number of things to consider.

15 tips for adding value to your property

Adding value to your property is easier than you think. Here are our 15 tips for adding £££.

What can you sell to Open Property Group?

Can I sell my house with a tenant in it? The answer is yes! Find out more…

Article 50 is signed! What next for your property’s value?

Article 50 has been signed and certainty is returning to the UK market. What does it mean to the value of your house?

Video: What’s the fastest way to sell a property with sitting tenants?

Selling tenanted property can be stress inducing! But fear not, you CAN sell before the tenancy agreement ends.

Video: What is the sales process when Selling to Open Property Group?

Selling your home can be a confusing and stressful experience. We explain how this can be simplified down to 3 easy steps.

Video: What is the Key Difference in Sales Price When Selling to Open Property Group?

Check out our video where we explain the difference in sale price with a cash buyer compared to more traditional means.

Video: What can you sell to Open Property Group?

When it comes to selling your property, there are a myriad of challenges that can impact on your ability to complete a quick and profitable transaction. These issues can be extremely costly, particularly when you are looking to sell quickly and recoup as much of your original investment as possible. They also help to partially explain the rise of cash buying firms such as Open Property Group, which offer numerous advantages to sellers and are willing to invest in a number of alternative property types.

Video: Selling an unmortgageable Property - The Key Considerations

While there are numerous reasons why you may want to sell your house fast or invest in real estate, there are also occasions where the nature of the property prevents you from achieving these goals. Whether this is a result of the lease type or simply a reflection of the construction methods used to build your home, some properties remain unmortgageable and this makes them extremely unappealing and impractical from a lenders’ perspective.

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