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Considering Selling the Family Home Now That You Have Retired?

So you’ve retired from work and the kids have flown the nest; now could be the ideal time to rethink your living situation too.

The Top Negotiating Tips For Selling Your House Quickly

If you are selling your house you will know that buyers always try to get the lowest price possible, but read on to find out how you,as a seller, can have the power of influence.

The Essential Guide to Getting the most out of your Mortgage and the Interest Rate Cut

For those looking to sell their home or apply for a mortgage, an uncertain economic climate that has been further affected by the results of the recent referendum has made such decisions quite tricky. Check our advice here.

The Best Buy-to-Let Hotspots & The Top Predictions for Aspiring Landlords

If you’re looking to expand your property portfolio or you’re an aspiring landlord, then finding the areas which have houses with the highest yield will be your priority.

Watford’s Best Areas To Buy and Rent As A Young Professional

If you’re a young professional searching for an ideal property near the city then why not consider renting or buying in Watford? Click here to read more on the best areas to buy and rent as a young professional.

How to Make a Property Disability Friendly and Accessible

Nowadays it is commonplace to find disabled access in business premises and public places. Great strides have been made to make life easier for those with disabilities but when it comes to making your own property more disability friendly. Find out how to make your business or your home more disability-friendly today!

The Best Property Conversion Tips To Sell Your House Fast

If you are looking to sell your home at any point in the near future then you are obviously going to want to make a profit from it. Over the years there would have been some wear and tear on your property from the elements and it’s imperative that you keep on top of them and repair/renovate everything before you get your house evaluated.

Environmental Property Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

We are in an age where our climate and our environment has come under incredible stress, and the rapidly changing weather patterns are bringing these issues to almost everyone now. Check out how you can increase your home’s value with this smart environmental tips.

Preventing Landlord Scams: Advice From The Experts [Infographic]

We recently carried out a Landlords Vs Tenants survey to show that thousands of people fall victim to landlord scams and rental fraud every year. Click here for advice on how to prevent becoming a victim!

The 6 Top Tips for Millennials looking to get onto the property Ladder

In recent years millenials have faced a unique set of challenges as a group, but securing your very own home is still possible. Because of their rising influence on the housing market, Millennials are the most vulnerable for landlord fraud so it is also crucial to remain vigilant during the home buying process. Listed here are 7 tips for Millennials looking to get onto the property Ladder to help you in your quest.