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Cash offer

Leasehold properties: getting out before the price declines

If you possess a leasehold property its ownership will revert to the freehold owner (landlord) when the lease expires. While leases are often renewed, this is not guaranteed.

Selling your house for cash means one less link in the chain

Ever had a property sale fall through? 1/3 of sales do, so there’s a good chance you have. A cash buyer like Open Property group can be a godsend because they reduce the chain.

Selling a problem property

The term ‘Problem property’ covers a lot. It includes damp, subsidence, fire damage and boundary disputes. When a property gets hit by any of these afflictions they can become almost impossible to sell, but there are options.

How To Sell Your House To Fund Your Retirement & The Cost Of Retirement Care

Retiring is an inevitable part of life, it bringing with it its own unique costs and expenses. Property often holds a lot of funds that need to be accessed to cover the twilight years.

Sitting tenants? No Problem!

Landlords often worry when they have a property they’re looking to sell when it has sitting tenants, thinking that they have to await the end of the agreement. The good news is that Open Property Group can buy the property along with the tenancy agreement.

Selling an inherited house? Avoid stress - be decisive

People often underestimate the stress that comes with dealing with an estate after the death of a loved one - particularly when that involves an inherited property. Between sad memories, house clearances and tied up capital the process can be tough.

Help to Buy is Dead - What Now for First time Buyers?

Getting on the property ladder is hard and the government Help-to-Buy scheme will stop by 2017 but there are still ways to step onto the first rung, particularly if parents decide to downsizing and provide the deposit.

Divorce and Separation: Splitting assets the right way

Getting divorced is a sad reality for many couples and can lead to animosity and stress. Property is often a big sticking point in the process and deciding what to do with the house is an important step.

The Road to Retirement [Infographic]

We have recently carried out a retirement survey on 500 average British retirees looking at their financial situation when retiring and how many people needed to sell their property in order to live a comfortable retired life.

Highlighting the Existing Infrastructure Around your Property as a Selling Point

We share some top tips on how to best describe your property with local amenities and infrastructure in mind.