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How to Sell Your Home Fast This Winter

If you’re planning to sell your home fast this winter, then you could be one of the few that capitalise on this opportunity. From interior decluttering to improving potential buyer perceptions, we want you to get the best offer you can, despite the type of property you’re selling. In this guide, we’ve broken down the best ways you can sell your property with the speed and certainty you need.

2019 Rental Affordability Index - The Most and Least Affordable Places To Rent

Where are the most affordable and least affordable places to rent in England? - 2019. Recent data has shown that rent is unaffordable in over half of the cities in England!

Download our Landlord Manual

Our new Landlord Manual contains top tips that can help you reduce risks, boost profits and deliver a better experience for your tenants.

How to value a property to achieve a quicker sale

Open Property Group have produced this helpful guide to assist homeowners who wish to market a property for a realistic price which will result in a quicker property sale.

The Affordability Index 2018

Open Property Group found that UK property prices need to fall by an average of 36%, to make owning a home affordable, for a single person earning an average wage.

How to value a house to get a quicker sale

Property valuation is an art and not a science. Valuation is based on‎ experience, research, comparisons and gut feel too.

How can you sell a house quickly?

Many people find themselves needing to sell a property quickly and for a variety of reasons. People can become motivated to sell mainly through the infamous “D’s” which are: Debt, Divorce, Death. Selling a property quickly is not rocket science, and can be achieved if you are willing to compromise. There are four key factors which come into play in a quick property sale.

How to research companies that buy houses for cash

When thinking of selling your property to a company that buy property for cash, it is important to undertake some research to find out if this is a reputable company to do business with.

How to work out what your home is worth

If you’re thinking of selling your property, a big question you’ll want to answer is what it’s actually worth. Without having a decent idea here, you won’t really be able to judge what constitutes a good offer. But how do you get an idea of the value of your property?