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It is possible to increase the value of your home without much effort or structural work. Read on for ideas that should positively impact how much your home is worth when it comes to a valuation.

Most home owners know that it is the more complicated and involved projects that add the greatest value to a property – extending to add more bedrooms, converting a loft, replacing an ancient boiler or installing the latest double glazing – but these can be expensive and not necessarily works you’d want to undertake if selling your home is on the cards.

6 quick and easy ways to add value to your home

The following ideas can be achieved with what you may already have at home or can obtain from a trip to your local DIY store. And in many cases, you can do the work yourself with no need for a professional:-

1: Paint your exterior walls

A study by Dulux Weathershield revealed homeowners who gave the property exterior a fresh coat of paint could increase their home’s perceived value by 25%.

2: Apply for planning permission

This involves no manual labour at all but selling your home with planning approval in place can add as much as 10% in value. Gaining approval from your local planning authority for a future extension or remodeling works will cost you between £206 and £462.

3: Improve your outdoor space

2020 will go down as the year people appreciated their gardens more than ever, so a place to sit outside is a top moving priority. Adding a deck, terrace or patio is thought to add as much as £10,000 to the average home, according to Elite Outdoor Living.

4: Kick-start your kitchen

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors says a good kitchen can add as much as 4% to a home’s value. Thankfully, there are quick fixes that mean you don’t have to rip the whole thing out. Painting doors, replacing tiles and swapping worktops is often enough.

5: Replace floor covering

A study by HSBC found that good carpets can increase the value of a house by £1,738. You can save money by buying off-cuts and laying any carpet yourself.

6: Apply a fresh coat of paint inside

Even TV property guru Sarah Beeny agrees that fresh paint on the walls in light, modern colours adds value – up to an incredible £4,400.

The caveat

Although there is plenty advice available online – with figures that suggest how much value you could add by completing some simple DIY tasks – the value of your home will always be more affected by local and wider market conditions, factors such as length of lease and location, and the speed at which the sellers wants to move. We have produced a guide to finding out how much your home is worth here.

Can’t be bothered?

Not everyone has the time, cash or inclination to spruce up their home before a sale, especially if you need to sell property fast. Open Property is a cash house buyer who will make an offer on any property, whatever its condition. We will give you a free cash offer today and deliver the money in your bank within 7 working days, if required. We’ll even pay your legal bill and cover the cost of your EPC, plus there are no agency fees to pay as you’re dealing directly with us. If you’d like to know more, get in touch or read some Open Property Group reviews.

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