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The Directors of Open Property Group have a wealth of experience and expertise in the diagnosis and valuation of problem properties. We will make an offer for any property in England and Wales, regardless of the value, size or condition. Whether it vacant or let, freehold or leasehold. Everything has a value, and therefore invite us to make you a cash offer for your property today.

We have many years of experience in dealing with property problems. Our years of experience allow us to assess the value of the property very quickly, and make a cash offer to relieve you of the headache of the property with a quick, and simple transaction. We work very closely with a team of property professionals, which includes; Building surveyors, builders, architects, and solicitors.

We have substantial cash funds available to invest in property and will offer you a guaranteed hassle-free, cash sale, hopefully relieving you of the stress associated with some types of problem properties.

Do you buy property with sitting tenants?

We will make you a cash offer for your property even when your tenants are in arrears, or refuse to leave.
We are specialist buyers of property with sitting tenants and we urgently require new investments. If you are selling a property with tenants then please get in touch. We buy property which is let on any tenancy, regardless of the terms and rent. Sell us your house or flat with a sitting tenant and let us take away the burden.

Open Property Group are guaranteed cash buyers of all types of problem property.

Property problems might include;

If you have a problem property that you wish to sell - We provide:

An immediate response.

We can act immediately if required, however we work to the speed that best suits the home owner. You've already been waiting long enough to sell your house and we won't make you wait any longer.

Our experience with problem property.

We have relevant skills that make the house selling process easy for you. We are expert property buyers, helping you whether you want a fast sale of your house or flat, or a delayed sale to suit your onward chain, we will work to your instructions. We have bought properties in days and equally we have delayed transactions for months whilst the home owner found a new property. We are able to give you complete flexibility when choosing to sell your property. Our directors have experience in house sales, finance, land and construction.

Choice of options when selling your property.

We give you options and we don't try to force your hand. There are often several solutions to a problem, so we'll find the one that's right for you and make sure you feel completely happy with it. Whether you are selling a property with sitting tenants or without, we will make you an immediate cash offer to buy your property fast and aiming to take away the usual hassle and stress of selling through a traditional route such as an estate agent.

Our own substantial financial backing.

Our firm has access to substantial funds that allow us to make significant property investments. That means we can make decisions immediately, whether you want a sale the next day, month or year, we work with you to achieve your objective.

We buy direct.

We do not pass on leads to anyone else. All purchases are undertaken in-house.
We are cash buyers of all types of property including property with problems.

Open Property Group will help you sell your problem property fast. Contact us today and you will receive a free valuation in 48 hours.

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