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Simple. We’ll make you an instant no-obligation cash offer for any type of property in England and Wales, regardless of the size, location, condition, occupancy or value.

We’re genuine cash buyers – and the quickest, most reliable house buyer in our sector. Plus, our team are friendly and professional, and always happy to chat if you just want to talk through your options – no pressure. You can even speak directly to our directors if you’d like. We’re always here to help.

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A property can take months and months to sell with a traditional estate agent – and costs you a small fortune if it does eventually sell. But there is a better way.

You can streamline the house sale process by selling your property to a professional house buyer, and quickly release the capital invested in your property.

Selling your property to us is really simple, gives you absolute certainty and is super quick. Get in touch and we’ll explain everything – and give you the reassurance you need.

Tell us about your property, and we’ll make you a cash offer within 24 hours – which you can take or leave. No pressure. We don't employ sales people, or use high-pressure tactics – we care for our customers and respect that selling your home will be one of your biggest decisions. Yes, the offer will be less than market value. But when you think about not paying any fees or solicitor’s cost and the convenience of a quick sale, no viewings and the cash in your account in days – it all evens out.

Be careful of middle men

Many of our competitors claim to be cash buyers, but the majority are just estate agents and middle men – but we’re different. We have the capital available now – just tell us how quickly you’d like to sell your property and leave the rest to us.

Our process

We know that every property has a value, no matter what condition it is in, or whatever the problem may be. We can assess the value immediately and make a cash offer on the phone and confirm afterwards in writing.

Our process is really straightforward – find out more here.

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