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Selling a house with sitting tenants living there

 5th October 2017
When a landlord comes to sell an investment property, they are always faced with a dilemma. Do they serve notice on the tenant, not knowing when a sale might complete, and suffer a long void period? Or do they sell the property with the tenant in situ, thereby avoiding the dreaded void period whilst a property is empty.

Sell your house for cash during Brexit

 16th June 2017
Open Property Group helps homeowners who wish to sell property quickly to a cash buyer.

Top tips for renovating a rental property

 24th January 2017
As professional landlords, Open Property Group use our experience to improve standards in our rental portfolio. Here are the top tips to consider when renting a property

Help me sell my house fast

 4th January 2017
We know that selling a house isn’t much fun and typically a stressful experience. In fact, a survey * revealed that only 20% of people surveyed trust estate agents when selling a property.

Selling a house fast Q&A

 21st December 2016
Selling a property can be a long and stressful process that can put a huge strain on buyers and sellers alike. Fortunately, professional house buyers like Open Property Group can ease the process by buying your property fast and for cash.

Bad news for buy to let investors - sell your property fast

 7th June 2016
Bad news for buy to let investors; sell your property fast

10 reasons to choose Open Property Group - Professional Property Buyers

 6th May 2016
We buy property in any condition in England and Wales. Find out more about our professional buying service.

Budget 2016 - Property Positives

 23rd March 2016
We look at the positive things to come out of the 2016 for the property industry.

Jason Harris of Open Property Group intervieby Property Tribes

 17th February 2016
A short video interview with our Director Jason Harris-Cohen about his property journey.

Cash in your property quickly before stamp duty surcharge comes into effect

 2nd February 2016
Cash in your property quickly before stamp duty surcharge comes into effect

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