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Can you ignore timing when it comes to selling your house? Are all seasons equal when it comes to UK property sales? If a quick and advantageous sale is your goal, sometimes season does play a part. But it’s not the be all and end all.

Those Quiet Winters

Traditionally, winter has been one of the least favourable seasons for property sales. The winter weather typically deters people from wanting to relocate unless extremely necessary. Instead of house hunting, buyers opt to focus their efforts on enjoying the festivities that come with the winter season. This preoccupation starts in the months leading up to winter and intensifies in the middle of winter-December. January doesn’t fare much better than December either because this is the ‘recovery’ month when people take time to gradually bounce back from the intense spending and festivities of December. This means that buyers who are looking for a house may hold off on purchasing during the winter months.

The Lukewarm Months

Autumn (specifically September to October) is a good season for looking to sell your property. but it is considered to be more stagnant than active. Other average months include July and February.

The Active Property Season

By far the most active property selling period is from March to June, basically from Spring through to the beginning of Summer. During this season, buyers are out in their numbers, and so are the sellers. This means that your property will be competing with many others for the attention of buyers. You’ll have to ensure that your property is ready for this competition and be wary of pricing yourself out of a sale.

When the Low Season Becomes Your Friend

But the assertions above work for the typical or average buyer. The fact that industry trends indicate greater activity during certain months doesn’t mean that buyers aren’t still looking in the ‘low seasons’. Some people find themselves in positions that require house-hunting outside of the traditional busy seasons. One such group is families with school-aged children, who are likely to search for houses in the periods when school is on break. These buyers are the ones you’ll see house hunting in summer and winter.

If you’re looking for a seller’s market, the low seasons may be best. One of the perks of selling in the low season is limited competition from other sellers. Since many listings are withdrawn during these seasons, fewer options are available to the buyers who choose to acquire homes during these seasons. As a result, opting to sell in these seasons may put you in a better position to list at your ideal asking price.

However, to get your house sold quickly in any season, you should review the offers presented by quick house-buying companies such as Open Property Group. If you choose to go this route, you will receive an instant cash offer for your property. Contact one of our property experts and we’ll be in touch! We buy all properties in ALL seasons including tenanted properties and problem properties.

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