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  1. Buyer pulled out of property sale?
  2. Cash advances before completion available with a sale to Open Property Group
  3. 1.4 per cent decline in UK property sales in January
  4. 10 reasons to choose Open Property Group - Professional Property Buyers
  5. 12 top tips for moving home over Christmas
  6. 15 tips for adding value to your property
  7. 1st April 2021 & EICR… No laughing matter for Landlords [Updated for 2024]
  8. 2019 Rental Affordability Index - The Most and Least Affordable Places To Rent
  9. 2020 House prices: What to Expect
  10. 2020 Rental Affordability Index - Where are the most and least affordable places to rent in the UK?
  11. 2021 Housing Market [Updated for 2024]
  12. 2021 New Build House Price Affordability
  13. 2022: 40% of homes in England have an EPC rating of ‘C’ or above
  14. 2023 EPC Ratings in England
  15. 3 threats that-05-force a quick property sale in 2016
  16. 3 ways to sell a property with speed
  17. 5 Tips to Help You Avoid Landlord and Rental Scams
  18. 5% base rate shock the final straw for landlords?
  19. 6 low-effort improvements to add value to your home in 2020
  20. 6 things that might stop your home from selling in 2024
  21. A Budget of two halves, but balanced…
  22. A fast sale of an empty bungalow
  23. A guaranteed sale, even with Japanese knotweed!
  24. A leading cash buyer of property that you can trust.
  25. A movers’ guide to setting up utilities in a new home
  26. About Open Property Group
  27. Advice when you want to sell a probate house
  28. Almost 50% of listed homes fail to sell
  29. Another house bought quickly by Open Property Group
  30. Article 50 is signed! What next for your property’s value?
  31. Bad news for buy to let investors - sell your property fast
  32. Be prepared for buyers breaking chains
  33. Becoming a landlord? Read our guide for landlords dealing with tenants
  34. Benefits of achieving a fast house sale
  35. Benefits of selling a house with sitting tenants
  36. Berwick Avenue, Hayes, UB4 0NJ
  37. Blog
  38. Brighton is top for disillusioned landlords
  39. Budget 2016 - Property Positives
  40. Buy My Property
  41. Buy MyHouse Reviews — 2021
  42. Buy to Let: Top 10 most overlooked properties
  43. Buyer reduced their offer for a 2020 property purchase? Here’s what to do next
  44. Buyers’ ‘wait and see’ attitude could scupper your sale
  45. Can anyone make sense of the UK Rental and BTL market?
  46. Can I sell a property without viewings?
  47. Can I sell my property without my neighbours knowing?
  48. Can I trust companies who buy property for cash?
  49. Can you complete quickly, and can I move in a fast-moving market?
  50. Can you sell a house before probate is granted?
  51. Can you sell and should you buy a property with subsidence?
  52. Case studies
  53. Case studies – the Properties We Buy
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  55. Case Study- Redland Way, Aylesbury
  56. Cash buyer of house! What’s the catch?
  57. Cash House Buyers - Open Property Group will buy any type of house or property with our cash funds
  58. Cash in your property quickly before stamp duty surcharge comes into effect
  59. Cash paid for houses with sitting tenants
  60. Cash property offers? On a par with estate agency outcomes
  61. Charity work
  62. Cities
  63. Colebrook Lane, Loughton
  64. Considering Selling the Family Home Now That You Have Retired?
  65. Contact us
  66. Crossrail 2019: A High Speed Travel Changing Times [Infographic]
  67. Data Suggests Single Women more excluded From Efforts to Get on the Property Ladder
  68. Demand for Spanish prime properties set to spiral in 2015
  69. Divorce and Separation: Splitting assets the right way
  70. Do I have to have a for sale board in 2020?
  71. Do property headlines always tell the full story?
  72. Download our Landlord Manual
  73. Emanuel Road, Basildon
  74. Empty Homes Problem or New Build House Problem?
  75. Energy performance certificates explained: everything you need to know
  76. England Property Sales
  77. England's Homeless & Housing Crisis
  78. Environmental Living: A Guide For A Greener And More Energy Efficient Home
  79. Environmental Property Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value
  80. Exit strategies for landlords in 2020
  81. FAQs
  82. Fast purchase of house in Christchurch, Dorset
  83. Fast sale of house in London
  84. Fast sale of unmodernised house in East London
  85. Flat lining UK values-05-persuade some to sell their house for cash
  86. Frederick Road, Stapleford, Nottingham
  87. French property market proving a bit hit among Brits
  88. Gaining Possession - Not always a simple process
  89. Gazundering: praying on panic, even in a strong market
  90. Generation Rent: Landlords vs Millennials [Infographic]
  91. Going Green — UK’s Top Five Cities for Eco-Friendly Living [Infographic]
  92. Gordon Road, Gillingham
  93. Government changes to Capital Gains Tax and its potential implications
  94. Guaranteeing a cash sale for Mr & Mrs C
  95. Guest Blog – Right Surveyors
  96. Guide to Choosing a Reliable Cash House Buyer
  97. Guide to help you through the selling process
  98. Guides — Page {page} of {total-pages}
  99. Help me sell my house fast
  100. Help to Buy is Dead - What Now for First time Buyers?
  101. Help! My chain has broken down!
  102. Help! My freeholder’s gone missing and I want to sell
  103. Helping Mr X avoid the expense of extending his lease in order to sell
  104. Highlighting the Existing Infrastructure Around your Property as a Selling Point
  105. Home Improvement: Selling Tips For All Seasons
  106. House bought with tenants in occupation
  107. House Buy Fast Reviews — 2021
  108. House Price Affordability Index 2019/20
  109. House Price Affordability Index 2021 - Where are the most & least affordable cities to buy a house in the UK?
  110. House Repossession: your options
  111. House Selling Process Timeline
  112. How can you sell a house quickly?
  113. How do you avoid the house cash buying cowboys?
  114. How do you sell your house fast in East England?
  115. How do you sell your house fast in East Midlands?
  116. How do you sell your house fast in London?
  117. How do you sell your house fast in North East England?
  118. How do you sell your house fast in North West England?
  119. How do you sell your house fast in South East England?
  120. How do you sell your house fast in South West England?
  121. How do you sell your house fast in West Midlands?
  122. How do you sell your house fast in Yorkshire?
  123. How do you tell a professional cash buyer versus a shark?
  124. How long does it take to sell a house?
  125. How much under asking prices should house buyers be offering?
  126. How to avoid an alarming property fall-through rate
  127. How to avoid the stress of selling a property on the open market - 2021 [Updated for 2024]
  128. How to be a cash house buyer in 2020
  129. How to beat the stamp duty deadline and sell your property
  130. How to complete one day and move out another
  131. How to ensure you have no money worries in retirement
  132. How to Make a Property Disability Friendly and Accessible
  133. How to research companies that buy houses for cash
  134. How to sell a flat with cladding and ESW1 problems
  135. How to sell a house and what options are available
  136. How to sell a property quickly
  137. How to sell a property quickly with no viewings
  138. How to sell a tenanted property quickly
  139. How to sell a UK property if you’re living overseas
  140. How to sell ground rent
  141. How to sell homes or houses to cash buyers only [Updated for 2024]
  142. How to Sell Your Home Fast This Winter
  143. How to sell your house fast
  144. How to sell your house fast in Birmingham
  145. How to sell your house fast in Bradford
  146. How to sell your house fast in Brighton
  147. How to sell your house fast in Bristol
  148. How to sell your house fast in Cardiff
  149. How to sell your house fast in Chester
  150. How to sell your house fast in Coventry
  151. How to sell your house fast in Derby
  152. How to sell your house fast in Exeter
  153. How to sell your house fast in Leeds
  154. How to sell your house fast in Leicester
  155. How to sell your house fast in Liverpool
  156. How to sell your house fast in London
  157. How to sell your house fast in Manchester
  158. How to sell your house fast in Newcastle
  159. How to sell your house fast in Nottingham
  160. How to sell your house fast in Oxford
  161. How to sell your house fast in Peterborough
  162. How to sell your house fast in Portsmouth
  163. How to sell your house fast in Reading
  164. How to sell your house fast in Sheffield
  165. How to sell your house fast in Southampton
  166. How to sell your house fast in Surrey
  167. How to sell your house fast in Swansea
  168. How to sell your house fast in Wakefield
  169. How to sell your house fast in Winchester
  170. How to sell your house fast in York
  171. How to sell your house fast!
  172. How to Sell Your House Faster This Spring
  173. How to Sell Your House Faster This Summer In 2020
  174. How to sell your house to an investor
  175. How To Sell Your House To Fund Your Retirement & The Cost Of Retirement Care
  176. How to sell your property fast in Barnsley
  177. How to sell your property fast in Basingstoke
  178. How to sell your property fast in Blackburn
  179. How to sell your property fast in Bolton
  180. How to sell your property fast in Bury
  181. How to sell your property fast in Doncaster
  182. How to sell your property fast in Kettering
  183. How to sell your property fast in Milton Keynes
  184. How to sell your property fast in Oldham
  185. How to sell your property fast in Rochdale
  186. How to sell your property fast in Rotherham
  187. How to sell your property fast in Slough
  188. How to sell your property fast in Stockport
  189. How to sell your property fast in Telford
  190. How to sell your property fast in Wigan
  191. How to take control of your completion date
  192. How to value a house to get a quicker sale
  193. How to value a property to achieve a quicker sale
  194. How to work out what your home is worth
  195. How we work at Open Property Group
  196. HTML site map
  197. Interior Design 101: Tips to Increase your Rental Property’s Value
  198. Investors Look North
  199. Is spray foam insulation a problem when selling a house?
  200. Issues to consider when researching a property for development
  201. It’s easy selling your house fast with a professional house buyer
  202. It’s time to spring clean your property investments
  203. I’ve inherited a property; what do I need to know about selling it
  204. Jason Harris of Open Property Group intervieby Property Tribes
  205. Jason Harris-Cohen - professional house buyer
  206. Landlord obligations
  207. Landlord services
  208. Landlord sold a portfolio of buy to let houses
  209. Landlord yield calculator
  210. Landlords Vs Tenants: Chloe Case Study
  211. Landlords will be legally required to install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  212. Landlords: your guide to making the right decisions in 2023 [Updated 2024]
  213. Leasehold properties: getting out before the price declines
  214. London’s Best Areas To Buy and Rent As A Young Professional
  215. Manchester’s Best Areas To Buy and Rent As A Young Professional
  216. Meet the team
  217. Michaels Road, Canvey Island, Essex
  218. Millennials vs. Landlords
  219. Mind the gap: open market offers & asking prices decline
  220. More red tape… Or a step in the right direction for landlords, tenants & the planet?
  221. Mortgage distress rocks private rental market
  222. Moving home? A quick guide to prepare you for moving day
  223. Mr A phoned Open Property Group in relation to selling a bungalow quickly due to the need to buy a hotel in Blackpool
  224. Mr and Mrs G sold a flat in Brighton with a sitting tenant
  225. Mr and Mrs W sold a house with sitting tenants
  226. Mr B needed a simple sale without the hassle of dealing with estate agents
  227. Mr C wanted to sell his flat fast after the tenant stopped paying the rent
  228. Mr G needed to sell a flat quickly to purchase a new home
  229. Mr H wanted a quick sale of a flat in London
  230. Mr M sold a house quickly in Devon
  231. Mr M wanted a quick sale of an unmodernised house in Southampton
  232. Mr M was able to sell a house fast to Open Property Group – professional house buyers
  233. Mr O chose a professional house buyer to ensure an easy sale
  234. Mr R opted for a quick sale of their house
  235. Mr S sells house quickly in need of renovation
  236. Mr V wanted to sell a property quickly in Haywards Heath to Open Property Group
  237. Mrs D sold a very unmodernised probate house
  238. Mrs E contacted Open Property Group to sell her house fast and move abroad
  239. Mrs L bought empty house in need of modernisation quickly
  240. Mrs R wanted to relocate and not wait on the open market
  241. Mrs S chose Open Property Group to buy a flat fast
  242. Mrs T sold the house quickly to avoid a potentially lengthy sales process with estate agents.
  243. Mrs Y wanted a quick house sale in order to clear debts and start fresh.
  244. My home is not selling - what can I do?
  245. My home is plagued by damp, how can I sell it?
  246. My house has flooded previously – can I sell it?
  247. National Home Buyers Reviews — 2021
  248. National House Buyers
  249. Need to raise cash? How to downsize to release equity in 2020
  250. New definitions of ‘distressed sales’ emerging
  251. New energy standards could pose trouble for UK landlords
  252. New Government help for first time buyers…or is it?
  253. News — Page {page} of {total-pages}
  254. No enquiries or viewings? Here’s what to do
  255. No viewings or offers in 2020? Here’s what you can do
  256. Not every property transaction runs smoothly…
  257. Off market sales explained
  258. Off market selling explained
  259. Open Asset Management
  260. Open Property Group - raising standards in the quick sale of houses
  261. Open Property Group bought an unmodernised probate house from the beneficiaries
  262. Open Property Group buy a house in Bury with tenants in situ
  263. Open Property Group buy a house in Luton with tenants in situ
  264. Open Property Group buy house in record time
  265. Open property group complete major renovation of a dilapidated house
  266. Open Property Group don’t just buy houses!
  267. Open Property Group funds legal fees for evicting problem tenants
  268. Open Property Group have bought a portfolio of houses in Wigan
  269. Open Property Group purchase a mid-terrace house in Gravesend in need of renovation
  270. Open Property Group purchase a probate property to release equity quickly
  271. Open Property Group purchase a property with tenants in arrears
  272. Open Property Group purchase all types of problem properties
  273. Open Property Group purchase another HMO in Croydon, London
  274. Open Property Group Reviews — 2021
  275. Open Property Group videos
  276. Open Property Group will buy your house fast
  277. Our brands
  278. Our expertise
  279. Our privacy policy
  280. Part exchange your property and free up your capital to buy a new home
  281. Portfolio
  282. Post index
  283. Preventing Landlord Scams: Advice From The Experts [Infographic]
  284. Property chain collapsed? Call on a cash buyer to the rescue
  285. Property management
  286. Property repossessions are on the rise
  287. Property values slumping between offer and completion
  288. Providing continuity for tenants when their let is sold
  289. Questions and answers with Jason Harris-Cohen of Open Property Group
  290. Quick house sale achieved by selling house to a professional buyer
  291. Quick sale guidance
  292. Quick sale of a flat in Weybridge, Surrey
  293. Quick sale of a semi-detached house and a cash advance
  294. Referral scheme
  295. Regions
  296. Relieving a landlord of a problem tenant & a problem property
  297. Rent arrears remain biggest threat to landlords in 2015.
  298. Research reveals homes failing to hit asking prices
  299. Residential Landlord (Guide) — A Guide to your Health and Safety Obligation
  300. Saving Mr G’s chain after two non starters
  301. Sell a House Fast
  302. Sell a house fast in London
  303. Sell a house quick
  304. Sell a probate property direct to a professional property buyer
  305. Sell a property fast in auction
  306. Sell a property with a short lease to Open Property Group
  307. Sell a rented property of an “accidental” landlord
  308. Sell any type of HMO (house in multiple occupation) property, countywide
  309. Sell Flat Fast
  310. Sell my flat quickly!
  311. Sell my property Portfolio [Updated for 2024]
  312. Sell property fast in 2023
  313. Sell property fast in 2023 [Updated 2024]
  314. Sell property fast in 2024
  315. Sell property fast: don’t let 2020’s stamp duty benefit slip away
  316. Sell up - even with sitting tenants
  317. Sell your ground rents for cash
  318. Sell your house for cash during Brexit
  319. Sell your house to a cash buyer quickly
  320. Sell Your Property Fast (Updated 2024)
  321. Sellers: Reduce, relist or reconsider who you sell to
  322. Selling a flat with a short lease in 2021 [Updated for 2024]
  323. Selling a house fast Q&A
  324. Selling a house with problem tenants
  325. Selling a house with sitting tenants living there
  326. Selling a probate property: your questions answered
  327. Selling a problem property in 2024
  328. Selling a property and trying to avoid time wasters
  329. Selling a property at auction
  330. Selling a property with subsidence damage
  331. Selling an inherited house? Avoid stress - be decisive
  332. Selling your house for cash means one less link in the chain
  333. Selling your house: 2021 vs 2022
  334. Selling your property when separating
  335. Sharp rise in fall throughs throughout 2022
  336. Shocking survey results? Sellers, here’s your next step
  337. Should I sell my house or rent it out?
  338. Sitting Tenants stopping you from selling your house?
  339. Sitting tenants? No Problem Updated for 2024]
  340. Slow sales, no sales: autumn’s new vendor frustrations
  341. Sold a house fast in Herefordshire
  342. Solicitors Fees for Selling A House Fast
  343. Solution for rent arrears during Covid19 and the ensuing court delays
  344. Stamp Duty 2021 - Is The Holiday Over... [Updated for 2024]
  345. Stop house repossession
  346. Straw houses offered for sale on the UK open market
  347. Sudbury Croft, Wembley, HA0 2QW
  348. Taking the stress out of selling a UK property when living overseas
  349. Tenants in arrears contributing to "all time high" of repossessions
  350. Tenants in rent arrears leading to huge increase in repossessions
  351. Tenants not paying rent!
  352. Testimonials
  353. The 20 features that will sell your home
  354. The 2022 Property Market and what 2023 has in store…..
  355. The 2022 property market – A glance into our crystal ball
  356. The 6 signs that you’ve got a ‘problem property’
  357. The 6 Top Tips for Millennials looking to get onto the property Ladder
  358. The Affordability Index 2018
  359. The benefits of selling a property to a cash buyer
  360. The Best Buy-to-Let Hotspots & The Top Predictions for Aspiring Landlords
  361. The Best Property Conversion Tips To Sell Your House Fast
  362. The best ways to upgrade a rental property
  363. The difference between Open Property Group, an Estate Agent and an Auction
  364. The Essential Guide to Getting the most out of your Mortgage and the Interest Rate Cut
  365. The eviction process - a quick overview
  366. The Government’s New Homes Focus – It Could Be Moving North…
  367. The great buy-to-let downsize begins
  368. The great lease debate: sell, extend or hold out for reforms?
  369. The landlord wanted to sell a house with a sitting tenant
  370. The problem with house chains ...
  371. The Property Buying Company Reviews — 2021
  372. The Rise of Quick Cash House Buyers: What You Need to Know
  373. The Road to Retirement [Infographic]
  374. The Top Negotiating Tips For Selling Your House Quickly
  375. The value of a property with sitting tenants
  376. The vendors needed to sell a house quickly in Essex
  377. Things to consider before purchasing a park home
  378. Threats to landlords in 2015
  379. Top tips for renovating a rental property
  380. Towns
  381. UK House Buyer Reviews 2021
  382. UK’s Mortgage Approvals: A 2024 Expert Commentary
  383. Video: Selling an unmortgageable Property - The Key Considerations
  384. Video: What can you sell to Open Property Group?
  385. Video: What is the Key Difference in Sales Price When Selling to Open Property Group?
  386. Video: What is the sales process when Selling to Open Property Group?
  387. Video: What’s the fastest way to sell a property with sitting tenants?
  388. Want to sell a house quick? Don’t be deterred by the looming election
  389. Watford’s Best Areas To Buy and Rent As A Young Professional
  390. We are genuine investors of property with tenants in occupation
  391. We buy any commercial property quickly
  392. We have noticed a significant increase in the number of property sales falling through
  393. We really will buy any home
  394. We will step in and purchase your property if your buyer pulls out
  395. WeBuyAnyHome Reviews - 2021
  396. We’re guaranteeing completions before Christmas
  397. What are the costs involved in holding a vacant property?
  398. What can I do if my property for sale is down-valued?
  399. What can you do if a house sale has fallen through at the last minute?
  400. What can you do when a property sale falls through?
  401. What can you sell to Open Property Group?
  402. What do tenants want from landlords in 2022?
  403. What does divorce mean for your mortgage?
  404. What does it cost to buy and sell a property?
  405. What fees should I expect when buying and selling a property in 2020?
  406. What future for the UK property sector – we need a crystal ball?
  407. What happens when your estate agency contract ends in 2020?
  408. What is the Best Season to Sell My Home?
  409. What is the value of a property with sitting tenants?
  410. What is your property worth?
  411. What makes a property unmortgage-able?
  412. What our customers say about us on feefo
  413. What to do if a property chain collapses
  414. What to do when tenant is not paying the rent
  415. What will it cost to sell my home?
  416. Where are the UK cities with the lowest house price per square metre?
  417. Where in England sells the most detached houses?
  418. Which Places in the UK Have the Best 2020 Property Price Increases, so You Can Sell?
  419. Who is a buyer of a problem property?
  420. Who owns your freehold?
  421. Who owns your freehold?
  422. Why are landlords selling up 2023? [Updated 2024]
  423. Why best and final offers doesn’t always get homeowners the best price
  424. Why choose us?
  425. Why do people sell property to cash buyers?
  426. Why isn't my property selling?
  427. Why leasehold properties can be more of a challenge to buy and sell
  428. Why some properties can only be sold to cash buyers - 2024
  429. Will a dispute with your neighbours scupper your sale?
  430. Will anyone buy my home with subsidence?
  431. Will it be a fairer market for private renters…
  432. Will my property be classed a derelict?
  433. Will returning to Section 21 and 8 notices flood the courts?
  434. Will the Budget affected your property plans?
  435. You + Cash Buyer = Less Hassle
  436. Your guide to the house buying process in 2024
  437. Your leasehold property is now harder to sell
  438. Your Q&A guide to selling with a short lease
  439. Your winter viewing strategy explained
  440. “Accidental” landlord can sell a property fast
  441. “If Section 21 goes, then I'll sell up my portfolio” says Landlord

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