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Open Property Group are cash buyers of HMO's throughout England and Wales. We have substantial financial backing to immediately purchase all types of HMO's including:

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We've bought hundreds of HMO's throughout the country and we are keen to invest in more.

We will buy vacant, rented or problem properties of any design, size or condition.

We'll buy houses in multiple occupation with any type of tenancy in place, regardless of whether it be single or multiple occupancy.

As a responsible landlord and members of the Residential Landlord association, we are well versed in all matters and keep up to date with changes in legislation and regulation which affect landlords.

What is a HMO?

Your home is a house in multiple occupation (HMO) if both of the following apply:

Your home is a large HMO if all of the following apply:

If you live in a large HMO, your landlord must meet certain standards and obligations. Find out more about HMOs from Shelter

All large HMOs need a licence from the local council.

From 1 October 2018, significant changes are being made to which HMOs are licensable and requirements for minimum room sizes in HMOs in England.

Changes to mandatory licensing

In addition to mandatory licensing, a local authority can designate specified areas as being subject to additional licensing (where any HMO requires a licence regardless of occupiers and storeys) or selective licensing (where any rented property requires a licence).

From 1 October in England, mandatory licensing is changing and The Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Prescribed Description) (England) Order 2018 will replace the 2006 order of the same name.

The licence must be applied for before 1 October 2018 in order to lawfully continue renting out the property.

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Sell a property in 7 days or less!

We buy property directly and you won't pay any agent's fees.