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Spring is an open season for property sales. The season brings a buzz of activities for buyers, sellers and many estate agents. But a busier market is no guarantee that your house will sell quickly just because it is spring. In fact, the season often ends with a number of properties that failed to secure a buyer. If you’d like to speed up the process of selling your house this spring, here are some ideas that will help.

Take a Break

Even though spring is an active season for the property market, your property selling plans can stall if the house you’re selling has been sitting on the market for months through traditional property-selling portals. Buyers tend to gravitate to properties that appear to be fresh on the market and avoid older listings since many assume that something must be wrong if a sale deal has not been brokered as yet. To give your house the appearance of being fresh on the market, try removing the listing for a few weeks, perhaps giving it a facelift in the meantime, and then returning it to the market in spring.

Spread the Word

You can use social media platforms and free (or paid) advertising sites to expose your house to potential buyers. Ensure that the pictures you display are flattering. If your budget allows it, invest in the services of a professional photographer to ensure that you get high-quality images of your house. Make sure the house is staged properly before the photos are taken. A facelift with a few improvements to both the interior and exterior will also help to make the pictures look appealing. Sale flyers also help to draw attention to your house. Use attractive flyers with colour images of the property to grab the attention of prospective buyers. You can share this flyer in digital form on your social media platforms and invite your connections to spread the word.

House Pricing Strategy

There will be more buyers on the property market in spring. But there will also be more houses available for sale. To stand out you’ll need to price your house strategically. Be careful not to price yourself out of the market. A great way to ensure that you strike a balance without losing is to look at similar houses in the area that were sold recently and compare those sale prices to your asking price.

Sell to a Quick House Buying Company

If you are struggling to get a sale for your house this spring or you don’t want the hassle of viewings,, you can avoid these common pain points by getting your house sold this spring to a company like Open Property Group. We facilitate quick sales for property owners who are eager to sell or who don’t have the luxury of waiting for a sale to materialise. Selling your house quickly to Open Property Group means you won’t have to pay any estate agent fees, solicitor fees or clearance costs. We buy all types of properties across England and Wales, including rented, vacant and problem properties. In 7 days or less, you could sell your property this spring!

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