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Selling your family home when divorcing or separating can be one of the most stressful and traumatic things you can experience, especially if children are involved. There are a few steps to work though before you can sell a property, however, which we outline below.

Know your rights

Always consult with a solicitor to make sure your interests are represented and protected. A legal professional will help you establish who owns the property, whose name is on the title deeds and who is responsible for the mortgage repayments – aspects that may affect your approach to the property’s sale and how any equity is split.

Having reliable, factual information before any sale starts can help both parties think more rationally and help to make the separation as amicable as possible.

Weighing up your options

There are plenty of property options open to those divorcing or separating. These include one of you deciding to remain in the property by buying the other party out, or you may decide a clean break is necessary and that you will both move out. More often than not, those involved want a quick resolution and that includes not having a property hanging about on the sales market for months.

Releasing the proceeds

It may be that the sale of the property and its proceeds are part of a settlement, so a quick property sale is what’s needed for the divorce to be concluded and everyone to move on with their lives, quite literally. If you need to free the equity in your property as part of a separation, our quick sale guidance is a good place to start – especially if the money is needed to fund an onwards purchase or rental.

Ease the stress with a cash buyer

Using a cash buyer is a great solution when speed and certainty are of the essence. With a cash buyer like Open Property Group there is no need to interview or appoint an estate agent, which can be a sticking point when the sellers disagree about who to choose.

Additionally, using a High Street estate agent offers no guaranteed timeframe in which the sale will complete, which may prolong a stressful separation. Our process offers completion, exchange and cash in the bank in as little as seven working days - allowing both parties to plan for their future lives confidently.

Staggered completion

If you need more time to manage a separation or move into your new homes, we can help. We offer several options not offered by estate agents, such as a delayed completion, choosing a completion date that suits you - and not a buyer - and even living in your home for a short time after completion. We’ve written a blog on the different completion options open to you – take a look here.

Complete discretion

Separations can be stressful enough without neighbours prying into your private affairs. As a professional property buyer and not a High Street agent, we can buy your home with complete discretion, allowing you to sell up and move on without your neighbours knowing.

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All of our purchases start with a free, no-obligation cash offer or if you would like to know how we can sell property fast, contact us today.

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