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If you are looking to sell a property and are involved in an ongoing dispute with a neighbour, be prepared that a sale may prove tricky. Open Property Group looks at how to resolve a dispute with a neighbour to help prevent buyers being put off, and how you can sell your property even with problems next door.

How can I tackle a problem with a neighbour?

When a problem arises with a neighbour, the best thing is to try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Whilst disputes can be very upsetting, try to approach your neighbours in a friendly, open and relaxed way to discuss your concerns in the first instance. They may not realise the impact that their behaviour is having. Try to reach a compromise that both parties can live with, without leaving bad feeling simmering under the surface. If this does not work, then it may be worth looking at mediation services to see if a third party can help find a resolution.

What are the most common issues?

The most common disputes between neighbours are things like excessive noise (including shouting or persistent loud music), using abusive language or threatening behaviour and littering or dumping rubbish. In addition, things that affect the enjoyment of your home, such as parking issues, boundary disputes and problems with shared access, are classed as disputes and can mark your home as a ‘problem property’.

How could these issues affect my sale?

Whilst disagreements with neighbours don’t always make homes harder to sell, they can if it is likely to impact the buyer if the problem persists once the new owner has moved in. When you sell a property, you have to declare issues between neighbours to the buyer and this information will come out in the conveyancing process. This can put potential buyers off, making it harder to sell, or it could lower the value of the property.

What do I have to disclose?

When you start to market your home you will be asked to complete a Property Information Form (TA6). This provides potential buyers with detailed information about the physical aspects of the property but sellers are also required to reveal any disputes or complaints between neighbours. Be aware that it is a legal requirement to declare neighbour disputes. If you do not declare something, the buyer could take legal action against you for miss-selling the property.

Get it sorted

The best course of action is to resolve any dispute before the property goes on the market. If a friendly conversation doesn’t work then there are more formal steps you can take, like mediation or even legal action. Declaring a resolved dispute would be far more attractive to a buyer than admitting an ongoing issue.

Help is at hand

Open Property Ground understands that some disputes are irrevocable but if your neighbours are the reason you want to move, you may find it difficult to sell or achieve your home’s full value. Don’t worry as there are options. Open Property Group is happy to provide a free cash offer on any property, whether there’s a troublesome neighbour next door, an ongoing dispute or even a historic problem that’s putting off other buyers. Contact us - we’re ready to listen to your predicament.

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