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What can you do if a house sale has fallen through at the last minute?

 4th September 2019
It is inevitable that at least 30% of property sales fall through, and usually the circumstances are unforeseen too. When an offer is made on a property, the buyer and seller is not committed until exchange of contracts, which is legally binding.

I’ve inherited a property; what do I need to know about selling it

 21st August 2019
If someone has left you a property in their will, you can’t take it on or sell it until probate has been granted.

Can you sell and should you buy a property with subsidence?

 14th August 2019
Whether your property had subsidence some years ago or you have only just found out there is a problem, it can be a huge worry if you are hoping to sell and move on.

Why leasehold properties can be more of a challenge to buy and sell

 7th August 2019
When you own a property on a leasehold basis, it means you’re essentially renting the inside of a property for a fixed period of time. Leases are commonly issued with an initial length of between 99 and 999 years.

We have noticed a significant increase in the number of property sales falling through

 17th January 2019
Almost half of all house sales in England and Wales fell through before completion in the final quarter of 2018, according to new data. This should not come as too much surprise, as economic and political uncertainty has caused the housing market to wobble and this has definitely impacted on buyer and seller behaviour.

Why isn't my property selling?

 27th December 2018
This is a question that homeowners will increasingly be asking themselves in 2019 whilst the United Kingdom gets ready to leave the European Union. If a property will not sell, there will be a reason for this.

What can I do if my property for sale is down-valued?

 16th August 2018
There are many reasons why property transactions collapse, but an increasingly common one is that a buyer finds that their lender down-values the property they intend to purchase.

Questions and answers with Jason Harris-Cohen of Open Property Group

 16th July 2018
Jason Harris-Cohen of Open Property Group answers questions.

Selling a house with problem tenants

 25th June 2018
When it comes to selling a house with problem tenants, your options may be somewhat limited.

The 20 features that will sell your home

 21st June 2018
All buyers are different - the things you want from your dream property will likely be different from those of the person next to you. But there are certain fundamental features that the vast majority of buyers want, so ensuring you have them will help you appeal to the widest number of potential buyers.