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3 threats that-05-force a quick property sale in 2016

 30th September 2015
While the property market is currently buoyant, there are a number of threats to property owners, particularly landlords, on the horizon!

Why best and final offers doesn’t always get homeowners the best price

 29th July 2015
As a prospective property buyer you have fallen in love with your dream home and want to make an offer. You call the estate agent to make an offer thinking that you’ll be the only one. However you then hear the dreaded words. “Due to the considerable interest received we are asking for best and final offers by x date and time”

How to sell your house fast!

 10th June 2015
There are many reasons you-05-need a quick sale of your property. We look at the sales process and how it can be speeded up.

How do you avoid the house cash buying cowboys?

 4th June 2015
Help finding a reputable cash buyer for your home.

Guest Blog – Right Surveyors

 4th June 2015
A national network of reliable, local Chartered Surveyors

Why some properties can only be sold to cash buyers

 26th May 2015
Why some properties can only be sold to cash buyers, and the benefits of selling a house to a cash buyer.

How do you tell a professional cash buyer versus a shark?

 20th May 2015
Tips on selling your fast and how to know the difference between a professional buyer and a cowboy

Jason Harris-Cohen - professional house buyer

 13th May 2015
Jason Harris-Cohen is a leading professional buyer of residential property. Open Property Group buy homes throughout England and Wales.

Sell your house to a cash buyer quickly

 18th April 2015
Leading house buyers of all types of homes throughout England and Wales.

Sell a rented property of an “accidental” landlord

 14th April 2015
“Accidental” landlords at more at risk than professional landlords. Find out why.