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1.4 per cent decline in UK property sales in January

 26th February 2015
Latest data from HMRC reveals that-01-2015 saw a drop in the number of residential property sales in the UK.

Straw houses offered for sale on the UK open market

 24th February 2015
Straw houses are now eligible for standard mortgages in the UK.

Sell a house quick

 17th February 2015
When it comes to selling a property quickly, you need to understand your options.

Want to sell a house quick? Don’t be deterred by the looming election

 5th February 2015
New data analysis from over the last three decades suggests elections have a minimal effect on the country’s property market - good news if you want to sell a house quick.

New energy standards could pose trouble for UK landlords

 30th January 2015
Of all of the potentially sound reasons to sell buy to let property, overly burdensome regulations have to rank highly.

French property market proving a bit hit among Brits

 30th January 2015
There is no shortage of UK homeowners opting to sell property fast - perhaps to a quick and convenient home cash buyer like Open Property Group - and flock to France, at least according to a top overseas estate agency.

Tenants not paying rent!

 27th January 2015
Non payment of rent is the No. 1 landlord stress! But we have a solution.

Sell my flat quickly!

 24th January 2015
Flats can have specific issues that make them hard to sell. We explain how you can sell a flat fash!

Sell Flat Fast

 12th January 2015
What are your options for quickly selling a flat?

Sell a House Fast

 9th January 2015
There are numerous reasons why a homeowner-05-want to sell a house fast, as opposed to waiting on the open market or the uncertain route of property auctions. Your house-05-be damaged, unique, have sitting tenants or otherwise be difficult to sell on the open market.