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The purpose of this article is to inform homeowners of the benefits of selling a house quickly to a cash buyer, as opposed to the traditional methods of sale.

With media headlines screaming about "house prices rise at fastest rate in four years" and "average of 20 buyers for every property", it's no wonder that some people thinking of selling their property decide that "now is the time".

The thought of cashing in your property in a rising market is an attractive idea.

However, the reality of trying to sell a property is most likely to be rather different to the media hype.

First of all, there is nothing "average" about the U.K. property market. It is very diverse and operates on a macro level. For instance, there can, on occasion, be a discrepancy of house prices between different streets, let alone the regions of the United Kingdom.

The U.K. property market is also largely fueled by what is going on in London and the South East - which frankly acts as an anomaly generally, and has a stark difference to the UK market as a whole.

In many regions of the U.K., particularly in the North West and North East of England, house prices are still at pre-credit crunch levels, in fact in some geographic areas, prices are at lower levels than they were in 2004.

When placing a property on the market for sale, the most activity comes in the first week of marketing, while the property is "fresh" on the portals. After this, interest in the property will probably start to decline as newer listings are added.

Therefore, if you place your property on the market at too high a price, or the property does not photograph well, or there are problems with the property, then there is a distinct possibility that you will struggle to get people through the door for viewings.

Ah, viewings! All the TV shows tell you to clear away personal clutter and memorabilia, clean the house from top to bottom, deal with any maintenance issues, make sure pets are kept out of the way ... and they are correct to say that. Through the sales process, you have to live in a kind of limbo waiting for that offer to come in!

After the 20th person has tramped through you house, or the 5th viewing did not turn up after you rushed back from picking the kids up from school, the excitement of selling your property for an optimistic price quickly might start to pall a bit!

Even if you do achieve an offer, there's no guarantee that the sale will go through to completion. Many sales fall out of bed for numerous reasons, and you are back to square one of re-marketing your property.

However, there is another way. You can sell your property to a company like Open Property Group for cash. No marketing of the property, no viewings, no estate agent fees (typically 2% plus VAT), no living in limbo awaiting an offer, no worries.

We can make a guaranteed cash offer for your property within 48 hours. We "buy as seen" meaning that we can see through clutter, maintenance issues, and any other problems, and can make you an offer that will result in a guaranteed cash lump sum in your bank account on the day of your choice.

Our aim is to keep it simple, hassle free, and fast, so that you can move on and make plans with certainty. For a no-obligation cash offer, you simply contact us and we will get back to you to discuss your property.

So, when selling your property, do be realistic, do consider all options, and do weigh up the emotional and hassle impacts of selling through traditional routes such as estate agents. Please take all these things into account.

That will better help you choose the best route of sale that suits your property and your circumstances.

The Directors of Open Group comment: "We are regularly contacted by vendors who thought selling their property through an estate agent would be a breeze. However, after numerous viewings, people not turning up, offers from people that were not actually proceedable, listening to viewers criticizing the property etc., they start to consider other routes to a sale.

That is where we step in with our quick and efficient property buying service. All the uncertainty surrounding the sale is removed and the seller can move on ".

Open Property Group is a new name in the "quick sale of houses" sector with the mission to raise standards and improve customer experience. Give us a call on 0800 990 3939 to receive a no-nonsense cash offer for your property or send us an email at info@openpropertygroup.com

Published on 4th June 2014

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