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All buyers are different - the things you want from your dream property will likely be different from those of the person next to you. But there are certain fundamental features that the vast majority of buyers want, so ensuring you have them will help you appeal to the widest number of potential buyers.

Price comparison site GoCompare recently carried out some research looking at the property must-haves, the features that buyers really look most keenly for when considering a purchase.

If you’re looking to sell your home relatively painlessly, you need to tick these boxes.

Central heating

Easily top of the list is having central heating. This shouldn’t be too surprising - very few buyers want to rely on log fires and the like to keep their home warm.

Double glazing

Another classic feature, double glazing will help keep your home warm, lowering your energy bills in the process. It can also lessen the impact of living next door to a noisy road.

Secure doors and windows

Burglary levels in the UK have dropped enormously in recent years; figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest we are now four times less likely to be victims of a break in than back in 1995.

Nonetheless, security is of paramount importance, which is why a property with quality secure doors and windows will always appeal.

A garden

Brits are pretty green fingered as nations go, while we also love to spark up a barbeque at the first sign of a bit of warm weather.

A good, reliable broadband connection

With many households increasingly streaming shows and films rather than watching TV the old way, a speedy internet connection is now an essential selling point.

Plenty of electrical sockets

The typical home today has a huge number of electrical goods in it, from things like tablets and mobile phones to laptops, computers, TVs and radios. And inevitably they will need some access to an electrical socket, if only for charging.

Local shops and amenities

Sure, you can buy most things on Amazon these days, but it’s still incredibly handy to have decent shops within walking distance, particularly for those occasions when you suddenly discover you need eggs, bread or the like.

A driveway or dedicated parking space

According to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics, around 79% of households in the UK have at least one car or van. As a result, having your own space to park can be a massive selling point.

A reliable mobile signal

Just as it’s important to have a broadband service you can rely on, so too is it crucial to be able to make and receive calls on your mobile. Nobody wants to be hunting out the one place in the property with decent signal in order to make a call.

A good energy efficiency rating

The more energy efficient a property is, the lower its heating bills will be. Given the fact that the average variable energy tariff currently costs more than £1,100 a year according to Ofgem, a property that can deliver savings here will be in demand.

Remember, all homes must get an energy performance certificate detailing how efficient they are before being put on the market.

At least two toilets

Because nobody wants to queue for the loo in their own home.

Friendly neighbours

Neighbours. Everybody needs good neighbours, and not just on Ramsey Street. Having lovely people next door can come in useful when it comes to collecting parcels if you’re out or keeping an eye on the place while you’re off on holiday.

A bath tub

Perhaps a little surprising that the option of having a bath is a lower priority for buyers than the the prospect of a Netflix binge. Nonetheless, boasting a bath tub will help your chances of selling.

A shower cubicle

Similarly, having a nice shower cubicle will help turn interest from buyers into a sale.

Cavity wall insulation

Without decent insulation in place, the heat in your home can easily seep out. That means you have to keep the heating on for longer, spending more money in the process, to keep the property warm.

As a result, having cavity wall insulation can cut bills and save you money on your bills.

A living room big enough for a large flat screen TV

Given we spend so much time in front of the telly these days, it makes sense to want to nice big front room to keep that TV in.

A garage

Having your own car parking space is appealing of course, but a garage is a big selling point too. Not only is it a place to keep your car, it can also be used for extra storage for everything from your lawn mower to those old bits and bobs you can’t bring yourself to get rid of yet.

A dining room

You don’t always want to have your dinner on your lap in front of the TV - having a separate room for meals is a big selling point to plenty of buyers.

A landline telephone

While many of us rely on our mobiles to make calls, a landline telephone is still very important for most people. After all, you’ll usually need a landline in order to set up your broadband.

A new boiler or central heating system

Your boiler or heating system breaking down can be an expensive disaster. Knowing that you are buying a property which has recently had a new system set up and installed is a big plus point.

Not only is it (theoretically) less likely to break down compared to an older system, but it may still be covered by the warranty, making it far cheaper to fix.

How am I going to sell?

Just as important as ensuring you have plenty of features that appeal to buyers, it’s also vital that you work out precisely how you are going to sell. After all, there are lots of different options, from the traditional estate agent route to the much faster solutions offered by Open Property Group.

Published on 21st June 2018

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