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When it comes to selling a property in the United Kingdom, it can be something of a roller-coaster ride with no end in sight.

The most commonly used "sales channel" is to put a property for sale with an estate agent.

Unless you do extensive research on which agent to list with, you're taking a bit of a blind jump, as the marketing power of the agent and their efficiency is vital to the successful sale of your property.

It's worth remembering that, right up until the point of exchange of contracts, your sale is not guaranteed in any way. ‎There are still cases where the buyer can fail to complete too, leaving homeowners in a very difficult situation and causing a great amount of stress.

The majority of sales that fall through are due to problems on the buyer's side. They may have a break-down in the chain of the sale of their own property, they may find another property they prefer to yours, or they may struggle with their mortgage offer or it goes out of date if the sale process drags on too long. Some buyers simply get cold feet or have a change of heart, and this can happen at any stage of the transaction.

But perhaps we are jumping ahead. Before you even get to exchange, you must go through the process of preparing your property for sale, clearing away clutter and personal items, repairing any minor maintenance issues, having the property professionally cleaned, having photographs taken, and then (hopefully) having multiple viewings, which can be quite disruptive to your daily life.

Even in a highly buoyant market like London, the average time of a property being on the market is around 100 days, so over three months from initial marketing to completion. (Source: Home Index). This said in some regional property markets, the average time can be over 6 months.

Your reaction to this news will probably be directly in proportion to how "motivated" you are to sell your property, and whether you want a fast sale or you are in no rush and happy to 'sit and wait'.

If you are keen to sell, or the property is inherited, or you have other issues such as debt, divorce, family crisis, illness, or a massive change of circumstances, then waiting an average of three months to sell the property may be just too long for you to endure.

The property may be associated with a negative life-changing event, or you may have a limited capacity to cope with stress and anxiety associated with selling a property. Or you may simply need money in your bank account guaranteed by a certain date to meet other debts or payment obligations.

In these kind of circumstances, selling through an estate agent may not be the best solution for you as the uncertainty and length of the process does not fit with the outcome you are hoping for - i.e. a quick, certain and hassle free sale.

That is where we come in with our fast sale solution.

We recently helped a lady who had divorced her husband a number of years ago and, after getting the marital home as part of the divorce settlement, decided to sell the flat they had shared together. She had rented it out because she found it too emotionally upsetting to live in the property ... but even then, she found that she could not drive down the road where the property was located, because it was too painful for her.`

When she finally reached the decision to sell - following a delinquent tenant damaging the property - she just wanted shot of it. It would not suit the "retail" market as it was in poor state of repair and the tenant was obstructive to viewings.

Luckily the lady found her way to us, and completed on the property 2 weeks after initial contact. She told us she breathed a great sigh of relief to know the property and the problems and stress associated with it were finally out of her life!

We will buy any property in England and Wales in any condition - with or without tenants. Our model is to offer property owners a fast and easy way of selling a property within the timescale that best suits them.

Properties in need of refurbishment or clearance do not phase us as we have over 30 years combined experience in buying properties quickly and with minimal hassle to the vendor. We pride ourselves on our quick and professional service and we can complete on property transactions extremely quickly ‎when requested.

We are genuine cash buyers of all types of property and therefore we can act in a speedy manner.

If you contact us for an offer, we will do a "drive by" valuation of your property and come back to you with a genuine cash offer within 48 hours. We typically pay 85% of the current market value and many homeowners appreciate that losing around 10% of the value of the sale to get a guaranteed result suits their plans. (Allow 5% for the costs of a retail sale - estate agent fees, solicitors fees etc which vendors would have had to pay using a normal sales channel).

Our values are - no hassle, no fuss, no viewings, no staging of the property for sale, no worries about offers falling through. Simple, convenient, hassle free.

Have a look at some of our case studies to see the kind of properties we have bought recently.

Our no obligation service is fast and discrete, and, unlike many companies, it is us who will purchase your property, not pass your details on third parties, such as agents or brokers.

Please get in touch for a "no obligation" offer on your property for a quick and hassle free sale!

Open Property Group have a mission to raise standards and improve customer experience.

Give us a call on‎ 0800 990 3939 to receive a no-nonsense cash offer for your property or send us an email at ‎info@openpropertygroup.com

Published on 10th June 2015

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