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We are proud to announce the launch of the Open Property Group.

Our mission is simple; We aim to become the leading guaranteed cash buyer of property in England and Wales. Put simply, we are flexible, fast-acting investors, and will make an immediate offer for any property which is vacant or rented on any terms.

We are only too aware that the "quick sale of houses" industry does not have the best of reputations. We aim to revolutionize this stereotype and deliver on our promise of buying property quickly with the minimum of hassle and stress.

This is because its a largely unregulated sector and this allows unscrupulous operators to make promises to vendors that they have no chance of keeping.

Many of the companies claiming to be "cash buyers" are actually intermediaries who have no intention (let alone the cash) to buy your property, but will simply sell the lead on to someone else or act as a broker during the sales process when they act as they are the cash buyer.

Some of them make a cash offer for your property, and then suddenly decrease their offer on the day of exchange or completion, leaving the vendor between a rock and a hard place. Others will simply try to sell on the lead during the sales process, and if they fail to find a buyer they may simply walk away leaving you with a burden of having to start the process again, and too an abortive fee.

These unscrupulous practices tarnish the industry and have a negative impact on companies such as ourselves who aim to provide a professional, trustworthy, and transparent service.

If that makes us different, then we shall be proud to say we are indeed "different" and that we aim to set new standards in the sector.

What makes us different?

  • We buy for our own company, and do not act as estate agents, middle men or lead generators.
  • We always buy property for cash, and do not rely on banks or lenders.
  • We buy vacant, and rented property - regardless of the terms of the tenancy.
  • Quick buyers of property - When we express that we are quick property buyers, we mean it. You choose the speed at the outset, and we will work to your needs and requirements.
  • Completely hassle free. We will find you a solicitor if you ask us to.
  • No costs to you whatsoever: We even pay your solicitors bill.

    But that is not all ....

  • The speed of the sale is decided by you. We can buy property in less than 7 days, however if you not in a rush then we are happy to wait for you.
  • Your property can be sold as seen – We will take care of everything.
  • We will pay for the EPC, and we can arrange removals for you if you wish.
  • Our Directors are all very experienced property professionals with over 30 years experience in finance, property, and debt recovery.
  • We are based in Hertfordshire, England, however we have a network of surveyors and agents throughout England and Wales which enables us to rely on local experience where it is required.

The Directors of Open Property Group, comment:

"We are very excited by the launch of this new venture. Based on our experience of over 30 years in finance, property, and debt recovery, we are ideally placed to help you if you need a quick sale of your property. We are property professionals and can appraise your property value in hours to enable us to make fast offers with certainty.

We have substantial cash funds waiting in our bank account and are happy to provide a reference (via our solicitors) to prove that we are genuine cash buyers and can act immediately on property purchases.

Whatever the story of your property - tenanted, in need of renovation, unmortgageable, probate - we can provide a fast cash sale and solve your property headache in a professional and sensitive manner, working to the timetable that you request.

We hope you will give us a call and allow us to make a cash offer for your property".

Open Property Group is a new name in the "quick sale of houses" sector with the mission to raise standards and improve customer experience. Give us a call on 0800 990 3939 to receive a no-nonsense cash offer for your property or send us an email at info@openpropertygroup.com

Published on 14th May 2014

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