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When it comes to selling a property, accommodating viewings is one of the most inconvenient aspects of it.

Your property has to present its very best to attract potential buyers, therefore you need to:

  1. Clear away clutter
  2. Clear away personal items
  3. Tidy the interior and exterior of the property
  4. Clean to a high standard
  5. Remove evidence of pets, including smells and pets themselves.
  6. Undertake necessary repairs, maintenance, and refurbishment if required. (There can often be expenses associated with this that may not increase the asking price of your property).

In other words, ensure that your home and garden is constantly looking like a show home and presentable for viewings.

To achieve this, it almost means that you have to stop “living” in your home, and this can be very frustrating, especially if there is little interest from buyers.

Then you have the joy of having strangers tramping through your home at all hours of the day, night, and weekend, often remarking on the decor or asking lots of questions or sometimes being completely silent, which can be even more uncomfortable. Pets may need to be put into kennels and children will need to be on best behaviour.

You may have reasons why viewings could cause you additional disruption.

Perhaps you have a new baby in the home, and don’t wish to be disturbed or you work shifts and need to sleep during the day. We’ve also heard of sellers suffering from health issues or bereavement and not wanting to go down the traditional sales route because it involves viewings and it’s slow and cumbersome and they do not have the necessary energy to engage with it.

According to new research, 54.7% of the UK public believe properties sell after an average of six or less property viewings. In reality, it currently take an average of 19 viewings before a sale is agreed, and that figure is on the rise.

This is probably most likely due to uncertainty, both political and economic, so house buyers are taking their time over choosing a new home.

Many property sellers are under the misapprehension that you can only sell a property via an estate agent.

They resign themselves to viewings, the poker game of offers and counter-offers, and the whole sales process where nothing is certain and guaranteed until exchange of contracts.

For over 20 years, our family-run professional property buying business has been offering an alternative to the high street agent.

Our house buying service is simple and straightforward and you can secure a guaranteed property sale. Our process is quick and stress free.

With us there are no viewings and we will make a no-obligation cash offer for your property within 48 hours of receiving your enquiry.

We buy properties throughout England and Wales in any condition, so no need to spend money on doing your home up ready for sale.

If you decide to accept our offer, we agree with you a timeframe for the completion of the sale and agree a date for the completion and the money to be transferred to your bank account.

We have a significant cash fund standing by to purchase your property and can provide evidence of this via our solicitor, if required.

There are many faceless “quick sale house” companies, but we pride ourselves on being a family run business that offers a fair and professional service.

Contact us today to see how we can buy your house so you can sell without any viewings!

Published on 2nd May 2018

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