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Sell property fast in 2024

Selling a house quickly

We’ve completed on over a thousand properties where our customers wanted a fast property sale. Whatever your reason, we can help you sell your property fast with our cash offers.

Open Property Group will buy your property fast if you:

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We help property owners who need to sell quickly but who find market conditions are against them, or want to save the hassle of waiting for homes to sell on the open market with fall through risk.

Sell a property that’s stuck on the market

The property market can be volatile and over 1 in 3 property sales fall through or the chain collapses.

A house or flat with little interest is problematic for those who need to sell property fast. Additionally, it’s increasingly likely the seller will be encouraged to drop their asking price the longer the home remains unsold.

Sell to downsize

In the past, downsizing was the preserve of older generations whose children had flown the nest. In 2024, all types of homeowners are asking ‘can I save money by downsizing?’ – motivated by the need to slash fuel bills and running costs.

Heating, lighting and maintaining property has never been more expensive but a permanent way to reduce spending is to move to a smaller home.

Sell for cheaper mortgage repayments

Borrowers now find themselves in uncomfortable territory, with the end of cheap lending and rising interest rates. ‘How can I beat a high mortgage rate?’ is one of the most asked questions by those on variable and tracker products, as well as borrowers with fixed rates about to expire.

Moving to a less valuable property is a logical way to reduce mortgage repayments. Buying a cheaper home may also improve the loan-to-value ratio, giving the borrower access to cheaper mortgage rates.


How quickly will Open Property Group buy my house?

We specialise in helping sellers in a hurry. Our free cash offers are almost instant and if accepted, we can usually exchange within 7 working days – ideal for those who are under financial pressure.

Sell your house fast here.

What can I do if my tenant is in rent arrears?

As a landlord, you have the choice of writing off the debt, serving a Section 8 notice to evict the tenant or sell to Open Property Group, who will purchase the property for cash with the tenant in situ.

Sell your house fast here.

I’ve had no viewings or offers, what are my options?

There are a number of strategies you can implement if there is a lack of interest. If you can’t wait for any of the suggestions in this blog to take effect, you can sell to Open Property Group – we’re waiting to become your guaranteed buyer.

Sell your house fast here.

How quickly will Open Property Group buy my house?

The answer depends upon when you are looking to complete the sale of your property. As a professional cash buyer, we can act far quicker than if you were selling on the open market. If you are looking for a fast sale of your property, we aim to reach completion in as little as seven days.

Sell your house fast here.

Why sell your house fast to Open Property Group?

One word – certainty. In a property market full of uncertainties, we provide a professional sales service enabling property owners to sell quickly, with a hassle-free guaranteed cash offer from Open Property Group. You benefit from no chain, no marketing, no legal fee or agents’ fees, just a fast sale with completion from just seven days, or longer if you prefer.

Sell your house fast here.

How can I speed up my property sale?

If your property is not selling as quickly as you would have liked, we regularly publish handy guides and tips on our website to help sell your home fast on the open market, under our Guides section here.

Sell your house fast here.

How long does it take to sell a house with no chain?

With a guaranteed cash sale from Open Property Group, we can complete on your property sale in as little as seven days, although you have the flexibility to move when you are ready.

The typical time to sell a property with no chain to a cash buyer via agents is 6 weeks to complete the conveyancing process. However, a more traditional sales process involving mortgage approvals, legal and estate agents procedures, can easily extend to around 16 weeks, or longer depending upon the property and market conditions and whether there Is a chain of sales.

Sell your house fast here.

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