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Anyone who has ever been involved in the sale of property will know that such transactions are rarely a smooth process and there are many things that can go wrong or delay the sale. Thankfully, there are companies that specialise in buying property for cash, which means that home owners can achieve a competitive offer for their house and a quick, hassle-free sale. Selling your property in the traditional way is fraught with many obstacles, including the breaking down of chains, buyers being unable to secure mortgages, and issues flagged up in surveys, among others.

As such, selling a property for cash has many advantages and if the deal is undertaken by a reputable property investment company such as Open Property Group, you can be sure that you’ll receive the money you are offered for your property.

Benefits of Selling your Property for Cash

As mentioned above, property sales can be easily side-tracked by a range of issues such as a breakdown in the chain, or simple events such as a house buyer changing their mind. Selling your house for cash eliminates such obstacles and actually has several benefits for you as a seller, including the following and more:


  • No Chains: The biggest benefit of cash buyers for property is that there is no chain involved so you can sell your property immediately if a price is agreed. In a chain, sellers have to wait for their buyer to successfully offload their own property, and so on; there’s also the very real risk of one party backing out of a transaction and causing the whole chain to break and your house sale to fall apart. In fact 1 in 3 sales fall through.
  • A Quick Sale: Another undoubtedly massive benefit of choosing cash buyers only is that home owners are able to achieve a quick sale process and avoid the delays inherent in normal property transactions. Selling your property for cash also ensures you get a fixed price for your property in cash once an offer has been made. This not only avoids the hassle of prospective buyers continually making offers lower than your asking price, there are also huge savings to be had because you will not have to fork out any money from what you receive for estate agent fees.
  • Convenience: The points mentioned above all boil down to an ease and convenience that provides sellers a stress-free transaction. Another advantage is that you will instantly get a cash-backed head start on your future plans, all of which are more difficult to achieve when you go through estate agents. Not so when you sell your home for cash. How it works is that buyers for property such as Open Property Group have the experience and financial capability to complete the transaction with as little hassle and uncertainty as possible.

Why sell your house to Open Property Group?

Given the advantages outlined above, it is clear that selling your property to a cash buyer is an advantageous option that house sellers should consider more often. If you’ve been asking yourself should I sell my home for cash? The answer is that a cash buyer can provide a more consistent and reliable experience than committing the sale of your property to an estate agent. As a property investment company, Open Property Group provides house sellers with even more benefits in addition to the points mentioned above. This is because the company is willing to buy any type of property regardless of its condition.

Whether yours is a pristine family home that you have outgrown, or a rundown problem property previously bought as an investment, Open Property Group will make you a fair offer without being effected by concerns that an independent buyer may have. The company has the cash reserves to purchase properties offered for sale and views each one as an investment. This means they take a long-term view and can wait until they make a return on the property when it gains in value over a number of years. As an addition to the Open Property Group portfolio of properties, sellers will always receive an offer as the company is not swayed by other properties that may also be available on the market while dealing with you.

From commercial properties to tenanted properties, they can buy buildings at the agreed price; holding on to them until they rise in value, rent the buildings out, or sell it on at their own pace. In the meantime as a seller you get your cash to undertake your next plans. In addition, Open Property Group is able to buy problem properties and short lease properties, they can even buy ground rent. The company’s resources ensure that there is no pressure on the owner to sell quickly, in fact you can pick you completion date. Open Property Group will even take care of the legal side of things, such as paying for fees and serving the necessary statutory notices.

In conclusion, the benefits outlined above show that cash buyers such as Open Property Group are highly advantageous when it comes to selling your property. Are you a homeowner looking to sell your home for cash? You will not only benefit from dealing with a reputable investment company with lots of experience, you also get a quick sale that eliminates the need to wait for a chain meaning you have a hassle free experience.

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