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The speed of our house buying service. Most customers don’t require urgent sales but they do typically want to sell property within 60 days. Whether you want to sell your property within 10 or 60 days, we can work to your timescale.

Landlords selling with sitting tenants

Landlords naturally don’t want to evict their longstanding tenants. We buy rented property from landlords who have rental properties and don’t want the hassle, uncertainty and stress of evicting tenants and being left with empty property.

We evaluate the property and ask some basic questions, and then provide a fast cash offer on the basis that the property is sold with tenants in situ. We regularly buy property portfolios too.

Many properties which we buy are sold as houses in multiple occupation. This is typically when there are more than 3 tenants living in a property forming more than 1 household, and where you share a toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities.

Selling flats with short leases

Are you selling a flat with a short lease? If so, they can be difficult to sell and generally require a cash buyer when the lease has less than 75 years unexpired.

We specialise in buying flats with short leases of any length and we can make you an offer today. Click here for your cash offer.

Homeowners who don’t want viewings

There are many reasons why homeowners don’t want people viewing their homes. This could be because of poor condition, or because of health issues.

We respect your reason and will make a guaranteed offer to buy any property, in any condition, anywhere throughout England.

Homeowners who do not want to deal with estate agents

A large percentage of our customers do not want to deal with estate agents. This is usually because they have previously worked with them and had bad experiences. Our customers comment that our service is quick, easy and hassle free and this leads them to sell to us instead of trying the open market route.

Chain breaking after an abortive sale

Unfortunately, over 35% of property sales fall through, most of them at the last-minute close to completion. This is always a stressful time and managing your sale and property chains if more than one buyer is involved in the chain.

If your sale has fallen through and you need a back up buyer, Open Property Group can step in and purchase the property as quickly as you need to sell. Contact us about our chain breaking service today.

Unmodernised and dilapidated properties

If you have an unmodernised property they can be problematic to sell. Most mortgage lenders won’t lend on uninhabitable properties and therefore you need to sell to cash buyers or investors who have commercial finance arranged such as a bridging loan.

Open Property Group will buy your property in any condition and with any problem. Contact us today to get your cash offer.

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Please search for the address of the property you wish to sell, not your home address Got it