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Picture the scene; you have a property that you are keen to sell quickly, and have entered into a marketplace where demand continues to outstrip supply. Although this may theoretically make it easier to shift your home, prices have become largely disproportionate to earnings over time, while it can take up to four months on average to sell property through traditional agents.

Open Property Group Sales Process in 3, Simple Steps

This makes for a grim scenario, and one that is encouraging a growing number of vendors to consider selling their homes to a cash buying firm such as Open Property Group. As the video highlights, we offer a simple and transparent sales process, and one that can be broken down into three simple steps:

1. Initial Enquiry and Appraisal

We are able to buy properties of all types in a variety of conditions. Regardless of your circumstances and the type of property that you own, you start the process by making an informal online enquiry.

We will then load your details and send out a representative, whose role is to determine your objectives and precise reasons for selling the property in the first place. This enables us to tailor a cash buying solution to suit your needs, while ensuring that we are able to provide additional assistance such as legal advice, house removal tips and access to house clearance services.

2. Survey and Cash Offer

Once a proposal and tailored solution has been prepared, we will organise a drive-by survey by one of their representatives. After this, a cash offer is usually calculated and proffered within 24 to 48 hours, with vendors usually able to expect a price point that equates to 85% of the properties market value.

There is absolutely no obligation attached to this offer, while no charges are incurred simply by liaising with the firm. The initial offer made is usually valid for seven days, affording you to time to consider your options and make an informed decision. This is important, as even though you may be keen to move quickly you must still make a decision that is right for you.

3. Acceptance and the Simplified Sales Process

If the offer is accepted, we will instruct our solicitors to begin proceedings. No contract is entered into at this stage, while customers have the option of using the firm's solicitors or their own. This offers important flexibility, while it is important to note that Open Property Group will reimburse any legal fees upon completion.

As this is a cash purchase, a quick and efficient deal can therefore be completed within a matter of days. The fact that bank funding is not required also expedites the process and reduces fees, and it represents one of the single biggest benefits of partnering with a cash buyer.

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