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On the Open Property Group website, we say that we are “genuine cash buyers of property”. What’s more, we believe that we are the fastest and most trustworthy house buyer in our sector. This may seem like a bold claim. Yet, as the stream of five-star reviews on feefo show, our customers think a lot of us too! Let’s take a closer look…

‘Easy to deal with’

Sandra O’Conell chose to sell to Open Property Group because she didn’t have enough time to deal with estate agents or conduct viewings herself. Sandra went online, did her research, and found we are a “registered company with a good reputation”. As a result, she says that she found “security” in dealing with us.

Sandra goes on to say that she had “a very easy experience” with our team. It was great to read this as it means that we’re doing our job right. Whereas many companies claim to be reliable, Open Property Group’s business thrives because of our ability to deliver exactly what we promise.

‘Straight talking and responsive’

On our website, we say that we are always on hand if you need to speak to us for any reason. We also promise to give regular updates on our progress. One customer confirms our claim to be quick moving. They describe how we were able to push through the sale of their house within just two weeks.

Mr and Mrs M couldn’t find any fault with our service either. The couple were amazed with how quickly we were able to arrange the sale and exchange of their home. As expert buyers, we know the property market inside out. As a result, you get peace of mind in knowing that everything we say and do comes from years of experience and a broad knowledge of the market.

Jason Harris-Cohen

‘Cash buyers with the personal touch'

The Open Property Group understands how stressful the moving process can be. This is especially true if you have sitting tenants who refuse to move, a problem property, or a broken link in the buying chain. With this in mind, we aim to take the take all the stress and hassle out of selling your home.

We helped Jo Wheatley sell her home after her buyer dropped out. In her review, Jo talks about the fair price we paid. She also talks about how quick we were, and that we covered all her legal fees. We achieved all of this without ever losing sight of “the personal touch”. This is important to us because we know your property is more than just a commodity. It is a home with a lot of emotional history, as well as an asset with financial value.

‘True to their word’

Another one of the many claims we make is that we guarantee a 100% cash sale. This is true regardless of the size, location, or condition of your property. One customer confirms that the price “did not change” during the process of selling her property to us. They also say that the deal went through “very quickly” without any unexpected delays. Our customers know that we always deliver on everything we promise.

‘No pressure’

Another customer who did not leave their name says we gave them a “fair offer” after they came to us on the advice of a friend. They also praise our quick response to their enquiry. While in the end they chose not to sell their inherited property, they say that they “never felt pressured”.

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