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When you instruct an estate agent to sell your property, you enter into a contract that outlines how many weeks they will market your property for. It’s easy to sign on the dotted line and not pay attention to the small print - you may be in a hurry to sell or swept up in the excitement of finding your perfect onwards purchase.

When will my contract end?

Your contract will state how long you have signed up to the agent for – it is usual to tie in for between 4 and 12 weeks, although some agents will want you to commit for up to 5 months. As soon as you have completed your tie in period, your contract with the agent ends.

My contract has ended but my property hasn’t sold, what next?

Every property is unique and there may be a number of factors behind your home not selling. Price, location, condition and your local property market will impact how quickly your home sells. Of course, the diligence and ability of your estate agent plays a big part too. If your contract is about to end or has expired, you can consider the following:-

Stay with the same agent

If you are happy with your current agent, you can sign a new contract after your first one ends but be mindful of how many weeks you are signing up for – another 12 weeks is not ideal if you’ve already been on the market for the same length of time. You should discuss a different approach to marketing to kick start results and you may want to negotiate any fees you pay them if they eventually sell your property (our guide to fees is here). If you want to sell property fast without fees, you can sell directly to Open Property – no agency fees, no EPC fees, no legal fees.

Instruct a new agent

If you’d like a fresh start, go ahead and instruct a new agent. Be aware that you’ll have to go through the set up and ‘getting to know you’ process all over again, which will mean agents coming out to value, measure and photograph your property.

Go multiple agency

You can place your home with more than one estate agent at the same time in hope this will give you a better chance of sales success. You can include your old estate agent in this group or opt for a brand new selection of companies. You will, however, have to pay a higher fee for the advantage of multiple agents working to sell your property at the same time.

Sell property fast without an estate agent

If your contract has ended and you need to sell your property quickly, without the hassle of appointing another estate agent, you can sell directly to Open Property. We can give you an instant cash offer for your property, with completion and money in your bank within seven working days, if required.

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If the thought of going back on the open market with the same or a different estate agent isn’t compatible with your moving plans – or you’ve simply lost faith in High Street agents - contact us about selling directly to Open Property. We buy any property regardless of its location, condition, status (leasehold or freehold) or even with sitting tenants.

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