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What Can be Sold to Open Property Group?

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the types of property that can be sold to Open Property Group, and consider the benefits to individual owners and landlords:

1. Vacant Properties

On our YouTube channel there are numerous videos that discuss the cost issues associated with marketing vacant properties through traditional estate agents. After all, whether you have a bungalow or a run-down property that is vacant, you will still be required to make monthly remortgage and council tax payments in full until it has been sold.

Fortunately, Open Property Group will purchase any vacant property type regardless of its condition, while pledging to complete transactions within a period of seven days where possible. This enables you to quickly offload an empty and financially-draining property quickly and efficiently, while recouping up to 85% of its original value.

2. Tenanted and Rented Properties

In the video we discuss our approach to selling tenanted properties that are currently subject to a rental agreement. The firm is extremely experienced in this field, while they have the means and the legal knowledge to purchase properties regardless of the terms of the agreement that is in place and whether or not it relates to a short lease.

The sale of a tenanted property can be a complex process, which is why it is imperative that landlords seek out a specialist service provider. This ensures that a deal can be reached to suit all parties, both from a financial and a compliance perspective (as the rights of each respective tenant must be safeguarded during the sale).

3. Problem Properties

This brings us onto problem properties, which may be the subject of an ongoing dispute or have simply been allowed to become dilapidated over time. These properties may exist on the market in an array of alternative conditions, while those that are at the centre of a conflict between tenant and landlord also offer decidedly complex legal considerations.

These respective issues would prevent traditional buyers from making a purchase, but this is not the case with Open Property Group. We will not only settle the contractual conflicts, but in the case of dilapidated properties they will also fund their development before listing them for resale on the market.

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