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Selling a property with a sitting tenant can be difficult for a number of reasons. It can often be difficult for the landlord and tenants to agree on certain things which can cause a whole manner of problems, making the sale a whole lot more stressful.

Many landlords are constantly asking can I sell my house with a tenant in it? And the answer simply is yes. The next question tends to be how I do sell a house with tenants? Tenanted property can often be tricky but the benefits of selling tenanted property to Open Property Group are endless, they will lift the burden from you and make the process completely stress free. We have the necessary cash funds available for purchasing both vacant and rented property.

Open Property Group offer a seamless transaction even while the tenant is still living at the property which means there is no loss of income for landlords. Further to this, it also means no viewings which relieves even more hassle for landlords looking to sell. Quite often, landlords live fair distances from their properties, which means a lot of travelling. This can add worry for the landlord in managing their property to make sure it’s fit for viewing and showing prospective buyers around, (not to mention the fuel of transport costs). Selling direct to Open Property Group will lift that responsibility and have the cash in the landlord’s bank within a timescale appropriate for them which will release capital to open the door for alternative investments without any stress.

Though viewings and the like aren’t the only problems that landlords looking to sell tenanted property may encounter, there are numerous situations where tenants have not allowed the landlord to access the property which means that any inspections or surveying of the property cannot go ahead. Legally, landlords must give tenants at least 24 hours’ notice (this must be in writing); however, it must be noted that tenants are not obliged to let anyone in and may prove difficult when it comes to allowing a potential buyer or surveyor in.

Though a landlord may own the property legally, tenants possess a legal right to complete occupation until their tenancy is terminated in line with the necessary statutory procedures and even if an existing agreement is nearing expiration. The tenant has every right to remain in the property until a notice calling for possession has been served and still, you may have to wait until a court order has been obtained. Landlords can’t enter a property uninvited, even if they are looking for a resolve, as it’s classed as trespassing. Selling to Open Property Group will solve any such problem, uncooperative tenants, notices, court orders and arranging viewings is no more, and what’s more, it can all be done within a timescale to suit the vendor.

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