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Did you know that one-third of property sales fall through in the UK? This is often due to the buying chain breaking down. If you want to avoid such issues, Open Property Group is here to help you do so by offering cash for houses…

Reasons that property chains fail

Reasons a property chain could collapse include a buyer changing their mind due to cold feet. They could also become ill, get made redundant or split up with their partner, all of which can be enough to break a link in the sale of your home. If one person in the chain doesn’t sign a document or neglects to listen to a vital voicemail, this could slow down the progress of a sale and even grind it to a complete halt. It could also collapse if your buyer can’t find a mortgage lender, or if solicitors take too long to chase up clients or fails to draw up important paperwork. Arguments could even erupt over who is responsible for repairs, which could in turn lead to a total collapse of the deal.

In fact, the completion of a sale is often at the mercy and whims of the different individuals playing a part in the chain. This means that as the seller, you could well fall victim to gazundering. This happens when your buyer reduces their offer at the last minute in a bid to force your hand. In such a case, it would be understandable if you refuse to take less cash for property you wish to sell. Yet that still leaves you without a buyer…

What you could lose if your property chain collapses

If any link in your property chain falls through, this could be incredibly frustrating. After all, you’re probably used to the idea of selling your property and may be dreaming of moving into your new home. Yet much more than this, such a breakdown could be financially devastating to you and your family. At worst, you could potentially lose many thousands of pounds on fees from solicitors, mortgage lenders and more. If only there was a way to sell your house for cash and be free of all of this nonsense…

How to guard against property chain collapses

Using traditional means, your best bet is to pre-empt breaks in the property chain. You can do this by hiring a reputable estate agent and by getting your finances in order as early as you can. You should also contact your representatives regularly to ask whether there is anything you can do to speed up the process of selling your home.

If you have several offers, you may also wish to avoid dealing with buyers who are involved in another chain themselves.

Yet none of these options are failsafe by any means and you may still find that issues occur and the chain collapses. When this happens, come to Open Property Group. As part of our Sell House for cash scheme, we offer to buy your house quickly.

This is the case whatever the reason or problem, and no matter what stage of the selling process you are currently in. And when we say you can sell property for cash, we mean it! In fact, we can buy your house for a 100 per cent cash sum.

How we repair the chain

We begin by speaking to the person who breaks the chain, before making our cash offer. This repairs the chain and allows you to sell your home without the stress, hassle, time or money involved in finding ways around the problem.

Why choose us?

Trusted by homeowners across the country
The Open Property Group team are genuine house buyers trusted by auctioneers, estate agents and homeowners alike. We buy all kinds of homes in England and Wales with a guaranteed completion date. We also offer competitive prices – as much as 85 per cent of your property’s market value. As part of our bid to make things easier for you, we do everything within our power to ensure a smooth transaction. Upon request, we can provide proof of funds, and can move very quickly. In fact, we usually complete sales within just seven days, although we have been known to do it even quicker than that.

No fees
We charge absolutely no fees. With Open Property Group on your side, you will pay no costs to us, or to agencies or auctioneers. We will even pay your legal fees after completing the sale! We can help you with removals, re-location and clearance as part of our duty to you. With Open Property Group, it has never been easier to sell your house for cash.

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