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Selling property can be hard enough, and even more so if you’re looking for a cash buyer; but what’s even harder is selling commercial, problem and probate properties.

When selling a commercial property there are number factors to consider, including:

  • providing planning permission details
  • stamp duty
  • land tax
  • utility plans
  • asbestos surveys
  • a traffic assessment report
  • an ordnance survey plan
  • an environmental report
  • site/ground investigation report

If you choose to sell commercial property to Open Property Group you can avoid this pitfalls.

They are flexible, fast-acting investors who are able to make an immediate offer for any property (not just houses) whether it is empty, owner occupied or rented on any terms. They take the hard work out of selling your commercial property and offer a quick and easy cash sale without the fees, stress and uncertainty that can often come when selling through traditional methods such as estate agents or auctioneers.

Open Property Group are able to make instant cash offers on any type of commercial property, even land. They will buy them regardless of their condition, whether they’re vacant or let, with or without planning permission. This includes:

  • shops
  • offices
  • warehouses
  • industrial units
  • retail units
  • shop parades

Your commercial property offer will be based on market value and the offer requires no commitment. Open Property Group will allow you to consider the benefits and convenience of a quick, guaranteed cash sale. The process will be entirely confidential with no 'for sale' boards, or contact with tenants.

Not only will Open Property Group buy commercial properties, land, houses, rented or those in need of renovation, they will also buy flats, apartments and problem properties. ‘Problem property’ typically describes a property with an issue or problem that prevents the opportunity of a sale, reduces its value and appeal on the market.

The term is used to describe any land or building that has issues associated with it, such as:

  • uncertain ownership
  • structural issues
  • property that is derelict or unmodernised
  • properties with a high risk of flooding
  • boundary disputes
  • problems with damp
  • lack of planning permission
  • buildings that are in severe disrepair and need demolishing
  • properties that are of unusual or non-standard construction

Open Property Group can take any problem property off your hands as they have a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with problem properties, enabling them to make accurate valuations. They purchase houses, flats, apartments and land regardless of the value, size or condition, regardless of whether it’s vacant or not. It doesn’t matter if the property is freehold or leasehold, even though most lenders will typically refuse to lend on a leasehold flat with a lease less than 70 years. Open Property Group are different as they have the cash funds to offer you a guaranteed hassle-free sale and work side-by-side with a team of property experts to ensure this. Selling a leasehold flat or selling a house with tenants is never easy but Open Property Group will make a cash offer whether your tenants are in arrears or refuse to leave.

Probate property is always a sensitive issue as selling a property following the death of a loved one is an extra burden at an already difficult time. Open Property Group excel in dealing with property probate and can lift that burden with a guaranteed quick sale, releasing the cash in a matter of days if that’s what you wish.

If you’re a beneficiary, then sorting through a property owner’s estate can be a very long and stressful process and there is no way of telling if any additional maintenance issues may arise. Open Property Group will take the property off your hands instantly in exchange for cash and will alleviate you of these prospective problems. You won’t have any estate agent or auction fees as they buy directly from you, the beneficiary, and can have the sale completed within 3 days if desired.

Of course, not only is dealing with a probate property and selling it extremely difficult in tragic circumstances but so is clearing it, and as a result, Open Property Group will even carry out a house clearance if you wish. This can reduce stress and hassle, not to mention expense at what is likely to be an extremely emotional time for everyone involved.

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