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The British press loves a property story. News about house prices and portal traffic will bump even the most serious of news stories off the front page, so it won’t have escaped your notice that the market is enjoying run-away success….if you believe everything you read.

Sentiment doesn’t always translate into sales

Busiest day yet’, ‘20 viewings in 48 hours’, ‘everyone wants to sell up and move’ – all these sound bites have been commonplace in the media over the last few weeks. If you’re selling your property, you’ll be hoping some of that activity results in viewings and offers on your own property.

The problem is, estate agency is an industry that likes to ‘talk itself up’ – and there will be a positive spin on everything released to the press. It’s worth remembering that millions of online property searches stand for nothing if an offer isn’t made and exchange not reached. If your property is currently for sale and not budging, you may start asking the following questions.

Why haven’t I had any viewings?

There may be a number of reasons why no one has applied to view your property. Firstly, and because of the very unusual climate we find ourselves in, buyers may be reluctant to visit your home in person. More worrying is your agent’s ability to market your property correctly – if it’s not being seen online, people won’t know it’s available. Ask your agent about their marketing plan and what channels they use to advertise your home.

Why haven’t I had any offers?

A good agent, however, will have captured your home as a video or virtual tour so there really is no reason why a lack of in-person viewings should hold your sale back. If people have been able to view your property online, or perhaps in reality, then offers should be forthcoming. If not, you need to start questioning the price of your property. If it’s too high compared to similar properties for sale in your area, purchasers will be put off making an offer for fear of overpaying.

There is also the slim chance people are making offers on your property but your agent isn’t passing them on to you. Estate agents are legally obliged to pass all offers on to sellers, unless the vendors have explicitly stipulated they don’t want to know about certain offers - below a minimum price threshold, for instance.

Can I change agent?

If you suspect your estate agent isn’t handling the sale of your property correctly – or has taken their foot off the gas when it comes to advertising and marketing – you could think about switching agents. Before you do this, you’ll need to check the duration of the contract you signed when you instructed the agency. You will be locked in for a number of weeks but are free to leave when this period expires. If you’re in a hurry, you may be able to buy yourself out of your existing contract by paying an exit fee.

How can I sell property fast?

It is natural to feel frustrated if your property has had no viewings or offers in a market that is reportedly experiencing record-breaking activity levels. There is, however, still an air of uncertainty - especially concerning finances - so not everyone who goes on Rightmove can or will buy a property.

Selling to Open Property will guarantee you a sale, with a free cash offer waiting for you today. We will buy your home direct from you – whatever its condition – without the need for an estate agent (so there are no agency fees to pay). You can complete your sale in a timescale you’re happy with and also request a cash advance, if required. We’ll even pay your legal bill and cover the cost of any EPC required. If you have any questions, you’ll find the answers in our FAQ section but if you'd like to know more, get in touch.

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