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Although moving house can be very exciting, it can also be very stressful too. There are so many things to think about, however by planning ahead, there's no reason why your move shouldn't go smoothly. So if you're about to move home,here's a guide to prepare you for moving day, which covers everything from choosing a removal company to making sure that you can find the kettle.

moving out boxes

Choose your removal day

While most people want to move on Fridays so that they have the weekend to settle in their new home, in reality it's probably not a good idea. The main reason is that if you experience any problems, either with the sale of your propertyor the move itself, there may not be much that you can do about it over the weekend. You may also find that some removal companies will charge a premium to move on Fridays.

Research your removal company

Moving can be expensive, so it makes sense to get several quotes before you choose a removal company. However, do not base your decision purely on price. You need to be confident that the company you choose has the knowledge, experience and professionalism to move your belongings. Ask several companies to come to your property so they can see exactly what needs to be moved, and obtain at least three quotes.

Double check your insurance

You'll need to check that your household policy will cover the move itself, and also give them details of your new address so that your possession are covered as soon as they're in situ. If you have any valuable items, ensure that these are adequately covered.

Make detailed lists

The best way to deal with a house move is to make detailed lists of everything that you need to do. You'll find many printable lists online. Some people find it helpful to keep a file containing all the relevant information, including important phone numbers.

Clear out unwanted items

Start to get rid of unwanted items about four weeks prior to moving. This is the time to assess your belongings and dispose of things that won't fit in your new property, or you no longer want to keep. Remember the less furniture you move, the cheaper the cost of removals.

Start packing early

Don't wait until the last minute to pack. Packing always takes longer than you think. Start with things that you don't use often, such as items stored in lofts, and then work your way down through your house.

Packing your boxes

Choose your packing boxes carefully. Some removal companies will provide you with boxes, but if you are using your own, remember they need to be strong enough to hold the weight. However, don't make the boxes so heavy that you can't lift them, especially take care when packing books, as they can be very heavy. Try putting heavy items in the bottom of boxes and filling the remainder of the box with light, but bulky items such as soft furnishings and soft toys.

keep calm moving house

Boxes should be sealed both at the bottom and the top with strong tape to ensure that the boxes don't come apart when lifted, and should be clearly labelled with the name of the room where the items will go, e.g. bedroom or kitchen. Write on the tape rather than the box.
If any of the boxes are going into storage, write a list of what's inside and attach it to the side of the box. It's always wise to pack one box with all the things that you'll need to use on your first day in your new property. This will be the last box that you pack.

Your moving day survival kit

You may want to leave out small items such as changes of clothing and wash kit, a small first aid kit, a mini tool kit, and a kettle and drink making equipment. Don't forget to charge up your mobile phone and to have all the relevant phone numbers to hand. And always make sure that you have all the keys. If you have young children, keep out some of their personal items which will help them to settle into their new home, especially if they can't sleep without 'Teddy'.

On the moving day itself

If you have small children or pets, it's best to arrange for someone else to look after them that day. You'll also need to take meter readings. Taking a quick snapshot of the meters with your phone is the easiest and most reliable way. Don't forget to leave the keys for the new owner.

You'll need to have someone at the new property to direct the removal men when they arrive. Check all the boxes off the inventory and don't sign the sheet until you are sure that all your belongings have been moved safely.

Read the meters in your new property, once again a mobile phone camera is very useful for this.

Prepare a sleeping area as quickly as possible, and open the box with your 'essential items'. The rest of the boxes can wait to be unpacked another day.


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