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Preparing your home for sale is stressful at the best of times but that, coupled with the ever changing seasons, can make the whole affair a laborious ordeal. By following these simple tips you can not only encourage popularity for your property ensuring it will be taken off your hands sooner, but also help to drive an increase in value. There are of course the standard and obvious tasks when it comes to selling your home like de-cluttering or redecorating, but what about the toll each season takes on your home and how can you tackle the subtle changes needed to sell in either Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter?


1. Spring clean.

It may be an obvious one, but a spring clean goes an extremely long way. Make sure you visit every nook and cranny for dust and cobwebs and put any excess belongings in storage or hide it away well - if you don’t need it, a potential buyer definitely doesn’t need to see it. The Spring seasons also increase natural light in the home, which can help it feel more airy and attractive, but also highlight any clutter or mess. It’s important to remember that people buy into a lifestyle as well as a home - you’re presenting to them the kind of lifestyle that they could have, and when you picture yourself in a beautiful new home, it’s not cluttered and it is clean.

2. ‘Curb appeal’.

You’ll hear a lot of talk about ‘curb appeal’ when selling your property. Spring is the perfect time for potential buyers to decide to take a stroll and look around neighbourhoods, rather than sitting behind their computers. Spruce up your front lawn (if you have one) and make sure the lawn is mowed and watered. Put plants outside your doorstep, clean the exterior surfaces of the windows and maybe even decorate your windowsill. Curb appeal is all about making your home inviting, and not just from the inside.

3. Heighten the senses.

Similar to curb appeal, spring is the time to bring the senses to life. That is by no means an invitation to go wild with the air fresheners and incense, be careful about over-scenting your home but do accentuate natural aromas. Try filling main areas with real flowers, or at least natural fragrances


1. Mow the lawn, a lot.

You’d be surprised how quickly the lawn grows when you’re trying to stay on top of the maintenance of your garden. Summer is a prime season for this where not only will plants flourish, but so will the rest of the garden, including the grass and weeds. It’s a perfect time to show off the garden if you have one: put out some deck chairs, plant some sunflowers and tidy the shed. Gardens are a huge selling point and it would be criminal to undersell yours. If you’re unsure of the valuation of your home with garden, the internet makes it easier than ever before to get a quick quote.

2. Keep it cool and keep it light.

Nobody wants to view a house that feels like a greenhouse and people definitely associate discomfort with their environment. Make sure the house is cool, put some air conditioning on (if you have it), open the windows or place a fan in particularly clammy spots. It’s also a good time to utilise some of that natural light.

3. Provide drinks and snacks.

Although viewers will be there to see the house, the host of said property can leave a huge impression. As well as just being generally welcoming and warm to viewers, you could prepare some cold cloudy lemonade (extra points if it’s freshly made), some iced water, or if you’re feeling summery offer them a Pimms. It’s likely that visitors will have been viewing several properties throughout the day and there’s nothing like a cold drink on a warm day!


1. Treat your home to a makeover.

Autumn is a perfect time to re-decorate and treat your house to that makeover you’ve been meaning to give it. Concentrate on the bedrooms and living room - as the nights draw in you’ll want to instil a sense of comfort, which can be achieved by giving the walls a lick of paint and invest in some new bed linen. Grab some new cushions and blankets or test out your DIY skills and paint the side table that’s been looking a bit weathered recently.

2. Nights draw in.

As mentioned above, the night’s will begin to draw in. This means light is against you in Autumn. Ideally, try and schedule appointments before the evening in order to show the rooms in the best natural light. If earlier appointments are unavoidable, it’s important to light your home accordingly - invest in some good lighting and lamps for your rooms.

3. Been away for the summer?

Many people choose to go away in the summer months, and really you can’t blame them, what with the ever changing British weather. When you return, however, be sure to air out your home - it may seem like it doesn’t need it but simply airing out the main areas will freshen them up and enable you to start with those autumn makeovers.


1. Warm the interior.

The cold months feel dreary at the best of times and there are only a few precious hours of light in the day and the stressful run up to christmas can really take it out of you. If you’re planning on selling in the Winter, it’s extra important not to let these issues get in the way. Make sure the house is warm enough to feel welcoming, but not too warm so as prospective buyers winter layers make them feel uncomfortable. Light a fire (or switch the heating on) provide some warming drinks, and if you’re nearing the Christmas season, give the place a dash of festive cheer.

2. Lighting won’t go amiss.

Similar to Autumn, Winter is a time to remember the interior lighting. Your home could seem cold and uninviting if you don’t correctly light the place. If you have a dimmer system let the light be warming, cosy, and low. Again, light a fire (a fantastic selling point if you’re lucky enough to have one) and let the glow emanate around the living room - put lamps in smaller rooms to make them seem bigger in the dark natural light and utilise outdoor lighting where available.

3. Tidy the garden.

It’s cold, it’s probably raining, and you’ve definitely forgotten about your garden but remember that buyers don’t have that summer garden facility at the forefront of their mind right now, it doesn’t mean they aren’t dreaming of it. Invest in heated seating areas, lights for the back of your house, and try and keep on top of your discarded herb section as best you can.

If you follow some of these simple tips as best you can you’re bound to sell your property for the price you want for it and remember that these tips still apply when selling online. Whichever season you decide to sell in, have fun with it and accentuate the charm that you fell in love with when buying; show how easy it is to create a family there, how possible that dream office/ studio is, and how open with opportunity it is.


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