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When you have made the decision to sell your property, it can sometimes be tough to find the words to describe it. What it is that made this property special to you to begin with, what drew you to it. And if you’re hoping to create your own advertisement for the sale, there are a few pointers the professionals use. Of course, there are key selling points that almost every estate agent uses in advertising the property for sale, but there are also some things you can use yourself – the existing infrastructure in and around the area your property is in. Let’s take a look:

Schools / Universities:

This is something that many people look for, and regularly appears in the “pros” side of the pros & cons lists for potential buyers of property. If your home is near to a school, college or alternative education centre, then this is a massive “plus” for you to use as a point of sale. Even people who currently do not have a family consider proximity to schools when purchasing property, because maybe they’re planning to start a family or think it could be on the cards in the future. Even if your property is not in close proximity, if you have public transport links to these educational institutions nearby, you can use this as a selling point. This brings us to the next point.

Public Transport Services:

Generally speaking, some of the best areas to buy and rent are those that are well served by public transport. More and more these days, people are just not bothered with learning to drive, as a means of getting about. And of course, there may be absolutely no need for them to either, if the city, town or village they reside in is well served, public transport wise. It may be the case that in the future, people only learn to drive for the pleasure of driving. So if your property is on a bus route, nearby to a train station, served by a tram line or any other means of public transport – use this as another key selling point. No need for a prospective buyer to have to worry about parking (should your property come without such a facility), and they can get from A to B comfortably.

Nearby Attractions:

If your property just happens to be near to a park or other attraction like a shopping centre, this can be weaved in to your property sale advertisement as another huge plus. It is really convenient to have shopping on your doorstep for example, and potential buyers would be attracted (pardon the pun) by this. Places like museums, monuments, forest walks, lakes, etc. can all be marked down as great selling points – leading on to the next point, and one that can be used as a main, visual selling point.


Perhaps one of the reasons why you may have been attracted to the property yourself, beautiful scenery is something that will always be a massive selling point for property, and is used the world over by estate agents. Even if you do not live extremely close to an area of natural beauty, but can reach an agreeable area easily through public transport or other means – use this! And beautiful scenery doesn’t necessarily have to mean natural either. If you live in a city for example, and are nearby to some great architecture, then you can also use this. Anything really that is aesthetically pleasing can be used – you can even include pictures of said scenery in your sales portfolio. Consider “The Scene” in which your property resides as well. Are you in a trendy area? Are you in a quiet area? To the right person this could be exactly what they’re looking for.

Bringing it all Together:

When you finally sit down to craft your advertisement, try to remember what it is that you yourself were looking for in a property when you were making the purchase. And what was it about this particular property that made you want to sign on the dotted line to complete the sale, whenever than may have been. You are sure to find that some or many of the reasons may be enclosed in the paragraphs above. And perhaps you are currently searching for a property to replace the one that you are looking to sell – use your motivations for the new property to assist in creating your advertisement. Put yourself in that potential buyer’s shoes and think what they may want from a home. Apply these findings to your ad, blended with the above selling points. Close proximities to amenities, public transport services, shopping centres, public services, schools – these are all extremely desirable things when it comes to purchasing property. If used as key selling points in your property ad, along with relevant pictures, you will find your property sold in no time.

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