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Often described as one of the oldest marketing methods in estate agency, a ‘for sale’ board is the most outwardly visible sign that someone is selling their property. If you are using an estate agent, they will practically insist that a ‘for sale’ board is erected outside your home as even with the internet, enquiries as a result of a board are often more genuine and valuable than those that come from online.

Reasons not to have a for sale board

What you do is your business and that includes moving home. If you don’t want your neighbours or local community to know you are selling, declining a ‘for sale’ board is the best course of action. Other considerations include your privacy – having a board outside can be an open invitation for unsolicited callers to knock for an impromptu viewing – and security, as a vacant property for sale could arouse the interest of burglars. Many landlords who are selling a property they rent out frequently want to avoid a ‘for sale’ sign - yes, you can sell your buy-to-let with sitting tenants.

A board doesn’t guarantee a sale

If an estate agent tells you it is easier to sell with a ‘for sale’ board, remind yourself that a board may generate enquiries but it’s up to the skill of the estate agent to convert those prospective buyers into viewings and offers. What’s more, a board is as much about promoting an estate agent’s brand as it is finding you a buyer – a board is a great advertisement!

Can I sell my property without a for sale board?

It’s true that a board is an essential part of an estate agent’s marketing campaign but that process can be slow and long winded. In fact, if a ‘for sale’ board is outside your home for too long, buyers might start to wonder what’s wrong with your property.

So, do you have to have a ‘for sale’ sign up? No. Can you sell property fast without a board? Yes. If you want a genuine purchaser who won’t dither, haggle, drop out, lose interest or suffer a broken chain, sell to a direct property buyer.

Open Property is an example of a direct buyer - you can sell to us, bypassing an estate agent altogether, and complete within seven days, if required. As well as no board, when you sell to us you also remove the need for inconvenient viewings and there’s no drawn-out negotiation process either.

Guaranteed cash buyer, whatever your property’s condition

We want to buy your home – even if it’s regarded as a problem property - and we will make you an offer without delay or fuss. It’s as simple as that. Why not get your instant cash offer today? You can cut out the entire ‘going on the market’ stage, removing the estate agent hassle and costs that goes with a sale.

Selling to Open Property is discreet, quick, stress-free and transparent. Get in contact to sell property fast and without telling the world.

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Please search for the address of the property you wish to sell, not your home address Got it