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The first quarter of 2016 saw a huge surge in activity in the UK housing market. The average price in the UK rose by 5.3% to just short of the £200,000 mark at £198,564.

Unsurprisingly, the highest price rises came in the Outer Metropolitan area around London with house prices rising by a hefty 11.9%, closely followed by London at 11.2%. The Outer South East saw prices increase by 8%, the South West by 5.5%, and East Anglia at 5.4%. The North West saw little difference with an increase of just 0.2%. Meanwhile, both the North and Scotland saw a price decrease of 1.4% and 0.5% respectively. Thus, there was good and bad news for prospective house buyers and sellers across the country.

However, there was good news for those looking to sell property for cash. Thanks to Brexit this is the more appealing option than ever before. If you are looking for a cash buyer, don’t want to be tried down by broken chains or don’t want to wait for a mortgage to be put in place then you’re in luck and thanks to this, more people are looking to sell their house for cash.

But what does it mean to sell your house for cash and what is a cash buyer?

A cash buyer doesn’t mean you’ll just be handed a suitcase of cash for your house, but instead it means a company that has the funds in place to purchase a portfolio without the need for any external assistance, for example, a mortgage from a bank. This allows them to be free of a chain and as a result, they are able to offer cash for houses instantly, it joins a portfolio rather than being a personal investment which means the house doesn’t need to be redecorated or improved to secure the sale.

Of course, the term cash buyer sounds appealing but you can be forgiven for feeling apprehensive and the term can sound somewhat shady, however, with Open Group Property, you’re in safe hands. If you’re after cash buyers only, you can go to them and say “I want to sell my home for cash” and your sale can be completed within seven days. It’s as simple as that. No stress at all.

Open Property Group are flexible and fast-acting investors who are prepared to make an immediate offer for any property which is vacant, owner occupied or rented on any terms. Not only are they cash buyers, they’re professional buyers who will buy your property, regardless of its condition or your personal circumstances.

When looking to sell property for cash, Open Property Group offer you a guaranteed route of selling without any hassle or stress that you find if you choose to go down the more traditional route such as an estate agent or auctioneer. You would deal directly with Open Property Group who have their own cash funds to purchase your property which is perfect if you decide you want cash buyers only. Because Open Property Group aren’t estate agents or middle men the process is kept as simple as possible. If you’re still feeling a bit apprehensive, they are able to show proof of substantial funds.

The Hertfordshire-based company offer cash for any property and that means any property, whether it is:

  • vacant
  • owner occupied
  • rented - regardless of the terms of the tenancy

They will also buy short leases and problem properties too so if you’ve got a property that you’ve previously failed to sell, Open Property Group can offer you cash.

The control is in your hands, as you choose how fast or slow you want to take things and Open Property Group will meet your needs. Added to this, there are no hidden fees and no agency contracts; Open Property Group will even pay the legal costs. A price is agreed so you won’t find yourself at a loose end at the last minute because the price tag has been reduced.

Selling your property for cash is a great way to release the capital that is tied up in your property, and with Open Property Group you can have that sum with you in less than a week if needed with them able to offer a price within 24 hours of the initial contact. It’s the perfect alternative to selling your property through an estate agent, particularly if you’ve had bad experiences in the past from chains breaking down or timewasters. Open Property Group don’t even have to visit the property, so you don’t have to take time of work to organise the sale or viewings.

Open Property Group are knowledgeable property professionals and with this knowledge and experience, you’re in safe hands. There is no better way to sell your home for cash if you’re looking for a guaranteed sale from an investor with the freedom to buy. And because they buy property regardless of condition, whether it needs redecorated or improved in anyway, you will save money on maintenance or renovation costs.

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The service I received from Open Property Group was very helpful and considerate of my personal circumstances. A thank you to Jason for arranging a cash advance prior to exchanging contracts, and a lump sum when we exchanged. This was a really big help.‎ Your company is simply the best.

Miss M, Southampton

Efficient, friendly and fair. From sold to exchanged in less than 6 weeks using OPG. We couldn’t fault the service. A professional service that any seller should use. If we had more property we’d definitely use them again!

Mr and Mrs M

The open property group recently purchased a property through my agency and found them to be excellent buyers that were able to exchange contracts within one week at the agreed price. I would highly recommend this company.

Trusted Customer

Excellent customer service, amazing communication, honest and genuine company who made the process extremely easy and gave any excellent price.

Trusted Customer

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