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Here at Open Property Group, we buy properties of all shapes, sizes and conditions. Read on to see how we might help you and follow the links to see how we’ve helped others…

Problem property

Things like fire damage, structural defects, flooding, subsidence, and even boundary disputes can render your property unsellable. Such issues may put off potential buyers due to the amount of time and money required to fix them.

Even those willing to take the property off your hands may not find a mortgage lender prepared to take the risk. So while you’re waiting for someone to come along with the funds to buy the property, you also have to pay for council tax, insurance and repairs.

It can be devastating if your property becomes unsellable, this is especially true if it continues to drain your finances while its empty. Fortunately, Open Property Group helps many people sell their problem property. Now we are here to do the same for you.


It can be much harder to sell flats than houses. This is often because someone else owns the land your flat sits on. As you’re the owner of a leasehold property, there is much more legal red tape to go through when the time comes to sell it.

If you have a ground floor flat, then it may be less attractive to buyers due to the lack of personal space. This is particularly true if you have a noisy neighbour who likes to stomp around on the laminate floor above. At Open Property Group, we offer to buy your flat regardless of its size or location.

Short lease

A short lease property is defined as one with less than 80 years left before the ownership reverts to the freeholder. Short lease properties can be a nightmare to sell. Yet even if you do manage to sell yours, the fact is that the transition from long to short can knock between 10 and 20 per cent off the value of a lease.

It can also take a lot of time, money and stress to renew the lease. Often leaseholders are unable to reach an agreement with the landlord on the terms of the new lease. Some may even find it impossible to contact their landowner in order to discuss terms.

By offering to buy your short lease property, Open Property Group removes the burden of an investment that is losing value on a daily basis. Whether you wish to sell a flat, maisonette, or house with a short lease, please get in touch.

Probate property

Are you trying to sell a property after the death of a loved one? We understand the process of obtaining a grant of probate and selling the property can be long and stressful.

If the house is dilapidated and needs work to attract a buyer, the costs of restoring it can be higher still. If that wasn’t enough, you also have guard against the risk of vandalism or squatting, especially if the home has been empty for some time. For a quick, stress-free cash sale of your probate property, please contact Open Property Group.

Houses with sitting tenants

Houses with sitting tenants are generally much less attractive to buyers than those without. Yet if you’re the owner of a house with tenants, the law forbids you from evicting them just to make it easier and quicker to sell. To sell your property at all, you may have to wait until the end of the tenancy. If your tenant has a long-term lease this poses a significant problem.

Tenants may also make it difficult to arrange viewings. They could even refuse to keep the place tidy, which could put off prospective buyers. Fortunately, Open Property Group offers to buy your property with or without sitting tenants.

Open Property Group is on hand to help

Open Property Group offers to pay a guaranteed 100% cash sum for your home. This is the case no matter what its type, size, or condition. Our experts also work quickly. In fact, we can arrange the sale within as little as 14 days. But there’s no rush – we work to a schedule that suits you.

We also buy the property from you directly. This helps to free you from the burden of solicitors’ and probate fees, insurance, tax, and maintenance costs. We promise that we will never pass your details on to any third party. For a guaranteed cash sale, please call the Open Property Group today on 0800 990 3939.

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