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Viewings can be a real intrusion when you market your home, as you’re inviting strangers into your personal space. Whether you are embarrassed about clutter, are fiercely private or don’t have the time to always be home, viewings can cause sellers lots of stress.

With this in mind, Open Property Group looks at what viewings can be like for a seller and explains how you can sell without any viewings at all.

Inconsiderate buyers alert

Your home is immaculate, the children are well behaved, the pets are being cared for elsewhere and you are ready for the stream of viewings – but are you prepared for badly behaved buyers traipsing around your home?

Research from virtual viewings platform U-See has found most viewers don’t consider the cultural differences of homeowners when they undertake a property viewing. Whether it’s not removing their shoes, turning up early or late for an appointment, touching personal items or snooping into cupboards and drawers, buyers often walk into a property forgetting it’s someone’s private environment.

Avoid notifying your neighbours

It isn’t just about the physical viewings either. Many sellers don’t want curtain-twitching neighbours to see the tell-tale signs of estate agents and potential buyers coming and going. There are plenty of reasons why you might not want next door questioning your movements, especially if your sale is for deeply private or sensitive reasons. Thankfully it is possible to sell your property without your neighbours knowing.

Open market equals open house

Unfortunately, selling on the open market requires us to lay our homes bare, whether it is the glossy photos capturing every nook and cranny, ultra-exposing videos and virtual tours, and even open house events where all and sundry are invited in. If this level of public scrutiny fills you with dread and turns you off the idea of selling, consider a different way to sell.

No viewings or public marketing with Open Property Group

You can step away from the open market – leaving estate agents and viewings behind - to sell direct to a cash buyer instead. Open Property Group can become your direct buyer, which means there is no need to list the property on the open market for all to see and no need to show your property to multiple people in hope one will make an offer.

In most cases, Open Property Group does not need to visit your property to make you a cash offer. Instead, simply request an online valuation to start the transaction. With us, your sale will be totally private rather than a public spectacle - it’s a business transaction and not a free for all.

Sell your home now

Open Property Group prides itself on being an experienced family-run business that offers a fair and professional service. There is no need for you to spend time and money doing up your home ready for sale as we buy ‘as seen’. Contact us today for your cash offer and sell your home without the hassle of viewings.

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Please search for the address of the property you wish to sell, not your home address Got it