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If you’ve made the decision to sell a property you own, two things are pretty much guaranteed – you’ll want to sell property fast and for as much as possible. Sadly, these two outcomes don’t always sit happily together.

There is a need to balance the type of sales tactics that will generate interest and viewings with the reality that the highest offer will not always guarantee the quickest sale. Bear in mind, delays are fine if you’re not in a hurry but what if you need to complete quickly for personal reasons or are in danger of losing an onwards purchase?

All sorts of situations can result in a slow transaction, from an ineffective marketing period and a sluggish home moving market to a hiccup with the buyer’s mortgage funds and issues with the survey. There are, however, ways of adding speed to your sale and quick solutions for those who have been stuck on the market for some time.

Price to sell

An unrealistic price can put buyers off, leaving you without viewings and adding weeks to your sale. A value that sits above other similar properties in your local area will have purchasers questioning your home’s value for money – especially if there are in a comparable condition. Even pricing your property significantly lower that the market average can present issues, as purchasers may assume this reflects serious issues.

It’s worth remembering that property portals display results based on price filters, so sometimes a pound out means your property will miss an entire buying audience – accuracy really is crucial. Open Property Group has bought and sold over 2,000 properties so we know a thing or two about valuing. Our cash offers are generated as a result of our vast bank of professional experience; our market knowledge and the insight-sharing with our sister company Open Online.

Time your sale perfectly

Is there ever a good time to sell? Traditionally, Easter has been the market peak, with activity also concentrated in January and around the May Bank Holidays. As well as seasonal dynamics, it’s wise to wait for when property professionals call a ‘seller’s market’ – generally when there are far more active buyers than there are properties available for sale.

Other aspects that can enhance your selling prospects are when the Bank of England reduces the interest rate or when the Government announces a home buying initiative, such as the recent stamp duty holiday.

We understand that not everyone can coincide their sale with the above, and that the need to sell can be pressing – even in a bad market. Open Property Group offers a year-round alternative to trying your luck on the open market, especially when conditions aren’t in your favour. We make sellers a guaranteed cash offer, without waiting for the market to turn a corner or pick up speed. There’s no waiting or hassle, and with us, there’s always the option of completing within as little as seven days.

Presentation matters

First impressions and snap judgements are the norm in the property industry, and the wrong look can leave your property sitting on the metaphorical shelf for months. With a matter of seconds in which to impress, the marketing of a property needs to be first class. Get it right and you can sell a property fast. Get it wrong, and your home will be overlooked for something tidier and more appealing.

You can help by ensuring all DIY, maintenance and repairs are completed before you come to market, with a thorough declutter just before the ‘for sale’ board goes up. Don’t forget, professional property photography will capture your home in all its glory – flaws and mess too – so don’t skip the presentation stage.

When you sell to the Open Property Group, you can skip the presentation step – great for those who feel overwhelmed by the thought of improving a property’s condition. We buy properties in all states of repair – including unmodernised homes, houses where there are signs of damp, mould and subsidence, and dwellings where improvement works are unfinished.

As a professional property buyer with cash reserves waiting, Open Property Group offers a quick sale and guarantees the speed some sellers desperately need. We can also help if you’ve been on the market for some time with no interest, as we’ll make a cash offer on every property presented to us.

We’ve already answered some of the most commonly asked questions about selling to a cash buyer but don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to a real person.

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