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Open Property Group buy house in record time

Open Property Group buy house in record time

Mr M called Open Property Group after inheriting his late Mother's house in Manchester.

Mr M needed a quick sale and wanted to raise cash fast after receiving threatening demands from debt collectors for personal debt.

Jason Harris-Cohen of Open Property Group worked with the homeowner to get to the bottom of his money troubles, and Open Property Group were able to action an immediate purchase of the property.

Mr M had a price in mind that he was willing to accept, however OPG was able to pay above this figure and pay for all of the seller's legal expenses too. There were absolutely no hidden charges.

The sale was exchanged in less than 7 days, and completion has been left open ended to enable to seller to find an alternative rental property. OPG's asset management team are able to assist with property relocation too.

Another great example of Open Property Group's unparalleled experience of acting quickly and buying property throughout England and Wales.

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